• I might be anomaIous in thinking this, but he really should be a support assassin. He just screams it with his kit, his gameplay, his art, his theme, even his lore in the right light. It would give him a unique position and be the perfect niche for him. He fulfills the role better than any champion currently in the League and any conceivable champion Riot might produce in the future.

    I'm also under the impression that Riot hasn't touched him yet because they don't know what they should do with him. Not mechanically or skill-wise, but his role within the game. Making him more in line with other supports, while retaining his ability to jungle and assassinate wounded enemies, neatly solves a lot of his problems while also adding to his character, narrative, and flavor. What's better is that he needs very few changes to suit him to this, only minor QoL and utility buffs (accompanied by bug-fixes).

    I wrote this rant about it, and proposed my suggested changes to him, and I'm just curious if anyone else feels the same or thinks it's a note worthy direction to take him.

    Thoughts? Threats? Accusations? Complaints? Comments? Let's hear them before I post this to the Boards and make a fool of myself. Not that it'll stop me.

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    • tht massive input though. I'm bronze. I dont think he would have enough gold to assasinate much. 

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    • an anonymous contributor
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