• I always felt like Shaco's theme and kit could be reworked. So i'll just throw here some of my ideas for the sake of it.

    Shaco would be awesome and unique if he had a split personnality. The Good and the Evil Shaco:

    Passive: Shaco has two personnalities. The good and the evil Shaco. He starts the game as the good Shaco. (His appearance would change to fit the shape he's in)

    -Good Shaco: He is unable to score critical strikes. He moves faster whenever he is damaged by an enemy champion.

    -Evil Shaco: After taking damage from an enemy champion, Shaco's darkside awakes. If he strikes back an enemy champion that damaged him with his auto-attacks, he becomes Evil Shaco. He gains 50% increased critical hit chance. He can only transform back into good Shaco if he hasn't been damaged by an enemy champion within the last 5 seconds and he must be unseen.

    Q: Shaco Tumbles a moderate distance. If he tumbles toward an enemy champion, he also becomes stealthed for a few seconds. If Shaco is unseen he will also go in stealth. While stealthed, if he attacks an enemy champion from behind, he will score an automatic critical strike. If he attacks an enemy champion facing toward him, or if he appears in front of them, it will scare them, making them flee for a short duration. Attacking an enemy champion while stealthed will transform Shaco into evil Shaco.

    W: If he is good Shaco, he performs a trick, briefly stunning nearby champions and forcing them to look toward him and to laugh. If he is stealthed or Evil Shaco, he will put a Jack-in-the-Box on the ground.

    E: While in Good Shaco, he throws a stuffed toy at his target, dealing low damage. The toy drops on the ground behind the target. Enemy champions can walk on the toy to pick it up and throw it back at Shaco, resetting it's cooldown. Shaco can also pick up the toy himself if he walks to it. Otherwise, the toy explodes, dealing damage in an area. While in Evil Shaco, he throws a knife, dealing higher damage and slowing it's target.

    R: Shaco splits his two personalities.

    -While in Good Shaco: He spawns an Evil Shaco. This copy can be controlled, and has the same auto-attacks as Evil Shaco.

    -While in Evil Shaco: He spawns a Good Shaco. This copy can be controlled, but it is unable to attack.

    While Shaco is split, he cannot change personalities. If the original Shaco dies, he will survive by becoming the copy, but will be unable to switch personalities until his ult cooldown is back.

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    • Nice ideas, although the ult seems a bit... Eh. Can you see the difference between good/Evil? If so, how does he actually enter fights? If the enemy sees the two Shaco's, they'll just attack the evil one and leave the good one alone. It seems they can basically make it a 4v5 in teamfights.

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    • I like the W's 'stun the opponent - making them laugh' feature. I had the same idea (implemented differently) on my Shaco Champion Update Season 6. However, taking away his boxes, which are iconic and great for map control, is a serious blow against him.

      Also having the 'Good' Shaco be unable to attack entirely when using his Ultimate (as apposed to dealing no or reduced damage) would make it painfully obvious which one is a threat, as well as reducing his objective control/taking ability.

      All in all these are some interesting ideas... but this is a very rough sketch for a champion that's not Shaco. It too drastically changes him, and I'm not sure if it fixes any of his problems. :(

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    • Don't you think this is a bit too much nerf for shaco? Yes, I understand that he can solo camps from the start, gank at level 2, get away with his q(decieve), dodge nearly every attck from enemies with a perfectly time ult, but that "rework" would make him more useless in teamfights as he already was. Having two "personalities" would make it very hard for him to enter the teamfight (if the summoner ever chooses to) and be of some use. I like the w part but the others are just not that good. I personally like the Shaco right now (not because of any sort of favouritism i swear) but he does lack something that he really needs, teamfight presence.  

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    • man, I need to agree with those guys. here is my point of view:

      I started to play shaco last week so I dont know a lot about him. anyway, things I've noticed is that boxes only last 60 seconds, but deal serious damage. I understood why shaco is hard and has such a big difficulty bar:

      - if you're not feed, lets say 4/5/3:

      • bad placed W's >>you die
      • going agaist a tank >>you die
      • dont be closer enough of the ranged midlanner (IE: ahri) to backstab >>you die
      • if your enemies know the simple trick of clicking on you (fake shaco has no items, but I never noticed, I never have time to check it) >>you die 
      • if you have red you will apply burn. fake shaco won't so they will know who's the real one >>die
      • blue same thing: just click on him: the one that regenerates more mana, is the real one>>die.
      • spells will also reveal shaco: just ignite or mark shaco, when he clones himself, the real will have the mark or ignite and the fake wont >>you die. 
      • if you click on shaco to atack him before he clones himself, if you dont click on something else, your champion will automatically follow the real shaco >>shaco dies...again....cuz everybody will target him...
      • (this I never tried) people say that real shaco ALWAYS, when use ult, appears on the right side he is facing...

      with all that said, and having in consideration what you said up there, I must say: shaco is hard enough already. your point of view would reveal real shaco even easier than it is already, just by the simple fact of having good and evil shaco. besides, 50% critical strikes??? are you kiddin with me??? its like having an ADC with only 200 damage instead of 350 (or more) at level 18... shaco with no crits=useless how will he kill tanks??? with boxes??? I dont think so... taking out 50% of his crits would leave shaco unbalanced, he would really be useless, most becouse of having in consideration that people would AUTOMATICALLY, with just looking, what is the real shaco (the evil one) since they have different outfits...AND, good shaco (clone) cant atack, it would be tooooo obvious who's the real shaco...

      with your point of view, your just making the purple bar trespass 2 or 3 times its range... your increasing shaco hardness to 200 or 250% instead of 90%.

      thats my point of view, if you have any questions or something dont hesitate on replying.

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    • No. Just no. This would ruin Shaco. He's unique becuase of his elusiveness. You rarely see him in person, but you see his box, clone, and counter-jungling. When you do see him, he will disappear from you and/or throw a knife at you. This is his playstyle; to be a character that works in the shadows and is always a threat even though you never see him.

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    • Exactly what Stewartw said. Sure, shaco has a high learning curve as well as strange to understand.... but that's WHO he is... you're describing a champion that isn't shaco, which should be introduced as a new champion, not another rework-ruin of an already functional, and not broken champion.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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