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  • Happy new year!

    I was wondering if there was a template out there that could flip between two strings: clicking String 1 would replace it with String 2, and vice versa. If such a template exists, I'd like to try it on {{pp18}} lists in order to shorten them. While this also assumes such a template accepts code, here's an example:

    Azir's soldiers deal damage that scales non-linearly with level. String 1 would just indicate the endpoints, whereas String 2 would indicate the full list, complete with texttips on the increase per level range.

    String 1: 50-170

    String 2: 50 − 170 (based on level) (45 + 5 / 10 at each level)

    If such a template doesn't exist, how would I go about creating one?

    Thanks for your time!

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