• Hi, I don't know if there is a thread about that, but I'm trying to extract .wpk files from LoL, which I have access to the folders provided to this purpose, but, these files are in .wpk and I don't know how to extract them... It is possible to extract these files ? Thanks for help :)

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    • I had this same problem when the new sound system was introduced.

      Eventually I managed to track down a replacement in the form of Ravioli Explorer which can view, extract, and convert the files all in one, but it's very unwieldy for categorization as the files are no longer named. I usually have to wait for LeagueVoices to upload their video and guesstimate which quotes belong where based on that.

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    • Thanks a lot !

      I finally extract all the quotes and announces IG ! :)

      I was wondering if I can find now, the IG musics ? I heard that I maybe found these in RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\X.X.X.XX\deploy\DATA\cfg

      But this is a method used 4 years ago... I don't think if it can works actually...?

      I finally found and "extract" all SFX and musics from the game...

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    • Please. Where do you find the IG musics?

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    • an anonymous contributor
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