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  • I think the page is coming along well, but I find myself debating which type of abilities should go on there. I think definite ones are:

    • Abilities that choose at least one but not all targets in an aoe based on
      • RNG
      • proximity
      • prerequisite buffs/debuffs
    • AoE abilities that cannot be cast without valid targets

    The ambiguous ones are abilities that affect all champions globally (as they can be argued as AoEs having global range; Destiny/Requiem/Wish), abilities that affect all champions if they stay within range of an anchor (delayed AoE; Chain of Corruption/Soul Shackles), and uncontrollable pets, since I think their AI will always prioritize attacking your autoattack targets (and units with Malefic Visions in Malzahar's case).

    What do you think?

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