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  • Hello,

    I have a suggestion for templates which I am directing to you as the most recently active admin. The templates {{mv1}}, {{mv2}}, {{mv3}}, and {{mv4}} are all fairly redundant. The only thing that changes is the number of characters taken from the end. I suggest using just one template called "mv" which will work in all cases. There are several ways you could go about coding that -- either have mvX call mv with the correct number of characters and continue using the individual templates for each season, or just code mv to detect the number of characters (could probably just cut off the title at the first "(", right?) and use that on every page, or extract the season number and convert it to a number of characters. I can take care of everything myself if you like, once a plan is approved. What do you think?


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    • Also, should all mastery pages have an mv template, or should pages like Feast (Season Four Mastery) which are the first mastery of that name not have the template yet?

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    • I think the Feast page and others like it are just outdated from a time when we didn't have the S4 template working.

      The mastery section of the wiki is pretty much very neglected and is basically just a patch job to keep up appearances from season to season (as evident by how many old icons we had up until my recent sweep). It would be nice to get a plan going as to the direction we should take with these pages and lay down some policies, since there is a severe lack of uniformity going on and the whole mastery templates, as you pointed out, is pretty messy.

      User:BryghtShadow is a lot more insightful when it comes to things like templates and shaving down excess things, I linked him to this chat but it may take him a while (his availability is shaky). Until he joins in I'm a little apprehensive on approving anything, but I do like your ideas and unless Bryght sees some major issues going on I can't imagine myself saying no to your help.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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