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Thonx is a settlement located in the Zhyun Highlands. Its river caverns have numerous taverns and fishermen buildings.


Thonx map 01.jpg

Related Champions

  • Akali Akali visited Thonx in search for Zed Zed.
  • Jhin Jhin visited Thonx to leave a trail for Zed Zed to find.
  • Kayn Kayn visited Thonx with Master Zed Zed and Rhaast Rhaast in search for Jhin Jhin.
  • Shen Shen visited Thonx in search for Zed Zed.
  • Zed Zed visited Thonx in search for Jhin Jhin and to pick up an acolyte.


  • Kwol Tavern: A river side tavern located at the outskirts of Thonx, it is the place where Zed Zed and his The Order of The Shadows Crest.jpg Shadow Order have started their search for Jhin Jhin.


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