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Thomas 'Green Teej' Bourus

Thomas 'Green Teej' Bourous is the Lead Producer of Teamfight Tactics icon.png Teamfight Tactics at Riot Games.


As Lead Producer, TJ is ultimately accountable for the direction of TFT. He has to hold the short and long-term vision and direction of the product and prioritize the right features, work, and changes to the game. This involves being the bridge for all teams on TFT, from marketing to art to game design and making sure it all is cohesive and achieves their goals. He is also accountable for the team's overall health as well as advocating for more people if needed. His responsibilities include signing off on any major decision for TFT, allocating the resources to do it, approving the art direction for sets, creating the roadmap for what the team will do, and setting the goals the team wants to achieve with each set.



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