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Ionia The Placidium

The Placidium of Navori

The Placidium of Navori is a sacred site of Ionian Harmony. Located in the Navori region of the Ionian Mainland, the Placidium is one of the First Lands' most sacred places. Over countless centuries, Ionians have journeyed here to study at renowned schools, or meditate in its wild, magical gardens.


The Placidium of Navori map

The Placidium of Navori Map

Many of Ionia's most successful diplomats have spent at least some time studying at the Placidium. Undoubtedly, this was why it became such a tempting target for the invading armies of Noxus. It was at the Placidium that the people of Ionia finally took up arms against their Noxian enemies. But the cost of that day's victory was immense, and some now question if fighting back was the right decision, since the harmonious balance of their homeland may have been lost forever.

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Runeterra Adventure Ionia

Runeterra Adventure Ionia

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