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The Path to Hearth-Home

By Kole Hicks

In the echoes of the mountains and the crackling of the embers, a legend once forgotten is remembered with a song older than any tribe.



SkinSpotlights - The Path to Hearth-Home

Sung by Christine Hals.
The Path to Hearth-Home

Dark smoke exhales, from the mountain half
And wind blows through hollow dells
Skies clear as day, shall soon turn gray
And you'll know, you're nearing Ornn Barring your path is a chasm wide
Howls rise from fathomless pits
But close stands a bridge, frozen by time
And across, you'll soon find Ornn River of fire, that scorches the earth
Belies his kingdom of stone
And steel sings its tone, as a god stands alone
The shaping hand, we know as Ornn Sparks leap and fly from the star-fallen ore
Forging his works, divine
Bellows erupt, with unbridled force
No longer lost - the Mountainsmith, Ornn

Mørk rök utands, frá de bjergen halv
Og vind blæser rundt hule dels
Skyer dag klart, skal sún bliver grå
Og du vet, du nærmer Ornn Fjerner din veg, is kløften brei
hyl stige frá bunnløs grøp
men tæt står en bro, frosset ved tim'
Og bi tvers, du finner Ornn Ein ílð-floð, de brennen det jord
Belyser kongerik stein
Og stål syng sin tón, som 'n goð stend alein
Formend' hand, vi ken som Ornn Gnist spring fri frá den stjern-fald'n malm
Smedning hans verk, guddommelig
Belger her utbryt, med uhindret kraft
Ik langer tapt, de Fjellsmed, Ornn 


  • In canon, the singer is Nunu's Nunu's mother, Layka.[1]



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