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This article or section contains SPOILERS for The Mageseeker. Your experience or enjoyment of The Mageseeker may be diminished if you are not already familiar with the subject matter.

The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story (or The Mageseeker) is a single player RPG developed by Digital Sun Games and published by Riot Forge. In this single player adventure, play as Sylas Sylas to liberate Demacia Crest icon Demacia from tyranny.[1]


Playable Champions

The game has only one playable champion from League of Legends icon League of Legends:

Major Champions

The game has several champions from League of Legends that appear as major story characters:

Minor Champions

The game has multiple champions from League of Legends that appear as cameos:


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Demacia Crest icon


The Mageseeker

By Digital Sun

In the kingdom of Demacia, the Mageseekers hold the power to oppress magic-using citizens in the name of public order–by inducting and indoctrinating them, locking them away, or driving them into hiding. Play as Sylas, a spell-stealing mage who has just broken free of his unjust captivity at the Mageseekers’ hands. Wielding the chains that once bound you, you must liberate your homeland from tyranny, one Mageseeker at a time.



In the nation of Demacia Crest icon Demacia, magic is as natural as the soil on the ground, but mages are not free. They are persecuted by the Mageseeker Crest icon Mageseekers: a military order tasked with protecting the country against magic, chiefly by imprisoning mages or indoctrinating them into their ranks. Sylas Sylas of Dregbourne was born able to sense magic within others, so the Mageseekers recruited him as a child to seek out hidden mages. One day, he took pity on another mage child and discovered his ability to channel the power of other mages. He could not control this new power and ended up killing his fellow Mageseekers and the mage. He was imprisoned for 15 years in the Great City until a surprise visit from Lux Crownguard Lux Crownguard, a sympathetic young aristocrat that was struggling to hide her magic.

As their friendship grew, Sylas would teach Lux to control her power, and she would bring him books to read about the outside world. This included the classified research of the Durand House Crest icon Durand architects, whose work with petricite had armed the nation—and thus the Mageseekers—with the power to counteract magic. From this research, Sylas learned the truth about his petricite shackles: they don't actually nullify magic, but absorb it. With his power to channel magic, these chains could act as a battery for him to steal and expend magic at will.

On the day Sylas is set to be executed, Lux visits him one last time to give a tearful farewell. When she leaned in to give him a hug, he absorbed her magic and escaped from his bondage, freeing numerous mages and inciting a riot across the city. Amidst the chaos, King Jarvan III King Jarvan III is mysteriously assassinated.


As Sylas escapes the city, he is intercepted by Garen Crownguard Garen Crownguard—Lux's brother and captain of the Dauntless Vanguard Crest icon Dauntless Vanguard—who is furious that Sylas betrayed Lux's trust and assumed he was also responsible for the king's death. Garen gains the upper hand in their skirmish and prepares to execute the criminal in a brilliant explosion, but as he charges his attack, Sylas is secretly rescued by Killan Killan, his former mentor. Sylas isn't happy to see Killan after years isolated in prison, but Killan wants to make amends and offers to help him escape. After Killan shows him a route out of the city, Sylas tries to convince him to join his rebellion, but the Mageseeker decides to stay behind, not wanting to fail his other students. He suggests that Sylas should seek out rebel mages roving the country to aid him in his quest to kill Eldred Crownguard Eldred Crownguard, leader of the Mageseekers.

Outside, Sylas tries to rally a crowd of recently escaped mages to join his rebellion, but they remain weary and fear reimprisonment or worse. Feeling defeated, Sylas is then approached by Leilani Leilani, an aspiring revolutionary and spellcrafter. She leads a The Mageseeker Icon group of rebel mages eager to fight; and with a skilled warrior like Sylas teaching them, they might be able to start a revolution. While they both want to end the oppression of mages, Leilani wants to build a better future beyond taking revenge. Sylas is hesitant at first, but agrees to visit their camp. She takes him to their hideout within the ruins of Zeffira, where he sees a shrine for the Veiled Lady. Leilani tells him some of their members pray to her, but Sylas is doubtful—if she does exist, gods like her don't care about commoners.

The next day, Sylas remains skeptical about joining Leilani's group: they are scrappy and determined, but hopeful and naive—training them would take too much of his time. He decides to strike out on his own, promising to send any mages he finds to Zeffira, but hoping to find more experienced allies who want revenge as much as he does.

Dark Forest

Sylas starts to pillage supplies from Mageseeker camps within the Dark Forest. He is attacked by a Polar Lizard, but repels the beast using fire magic from nearby Lava Gromps. He then arrives at one of the Mageseeker camps and takes out the guards, freeing the mages under custody. Sylas tries to recruit them, but to no avail. One of them, an alchemist named Aidan Aidan, gives him a potion flask as a token of gratitude. Seeing how difficult it is to find allies, Sylas wonders if he dismissed Leilani's group too hastily.

As Sylas continues through the forest, he follows the trail of an ancient mysterious magic he suddenly senses. He is attacked by the Polar Lizard again, but no Gromps are around to help him, the Mageseekers having removed them from the area. Leilani appears just in the nick of time and gives him a fireball spell she crafted from a petricite stone. After defeating the lizard, Sylas is impressed with her spellcrafting, and Leilani promises to make him more spells if he joins her army. Despite their differing views, Sylas agrees to join them under the condition they help him kill Eldred Crownguard.


Back at the Hideout, Leilani mentions her spellcrafting mentor, Kara Durand Kara Durand, was captured by the Mageseekers. Sylas volunteers to rescue Kara, believing her expertise will be instrumental in their fight. Leilani believes it will also be good practice for Sylas to work with the team, and sends him with Lorne, an ice mage, to track down Kara in Thornbarrow.

Meanwhile in the Great City, Eldred summons Commander Wisteria Wisteria to his office and tasks her to arrest Sylas. Wisteria and Sylas were acquainted as Mageseekers, but their experiences had shaped them differently. While Sylas learned to embrace his magical gift, Wisteria grew to loathe her magical disease.

While sneaking into the Makeseeker compound, Sylas recruits Nia, a powerful fire mage with a penchant for burning Mageseekers. He later successfully frees the mages imprisoned inside, including a young blacksmith named Rukko Rukko. Rukko grew to despise the Mageseeekers after he and his brother rejected their recruitment, and thus were separated in custody. Despite his eagerness to fight, Sylas thinks Rukko is too young for battle, but agrees to escort him to the exit.

Further into the compound, they find some reports about the Veiled Lady that assert her existence, which the Mageseekers consider a dangerous threat. They also find a report noting Kara's dangerous power required transfer to a more secure facility at Clarion Cove. Mageseekers then quickly close in on their location and lock down the room. Outnumbered, Sylas implores Rukko to use his magic to fight, and the young mage unleashes a torrent of flame that decimates their enemies.

Impressed with his ferocity, Sylas takes Rukko and the freed mages back to the Hideout. Leilani is surprised Sylas brought back this many recruits, but is hesitant to accept Rukko. The boy convinces her to let him stay as he sets up a smithy to improve the rebellion's equipment. Sylas informs Leilani of Kara's transfer to Clarion Cove, a wealthy coastal town where Chief Scientist Hesbeth Hesbeth conducts his experiments.

Clarion Cove

At Clarion Cove, Sylas recruits Oberon, a wind mage that had grown interested in helping the rebellion with his wind magic. Inside the Mageseeker compound, Sylas sees the grotesque experiments done to imprisoned mages, attempts at fusing them with magical beasts to create mindless soldiers. He finds Hesbeth along with an imprisoned yordle warrior named Yops Yops, he frees the yordle and they pursue the scientist. Sylas then gets barred off from the two and battles a giant petricite helmet.

After the colossus is destroyed, Yops returns empty handed. She shares her story of being subjected to years of experiments in an attempt to unlock the secrets of yordle magic. Now liberated, she feels lost and uncertain about what to do with her time. Sylas persuades her to join the rebellion to help end Hesbeth's cruel experiments.

The next day, rebel scouts have reportedly discovered another mage refuge within the ruins of Terbisia, ran by Lux. Sylas is surprised but impressed Lux left the capital after the riots, and shares his history with her. While Sylas does not regret using her magic to escape, he wishes he could have explained that he did so to survive. Meanwhile, Yops has created a sparring ground to train the mages into fighters. She also reveals she overheard some of the guards say they took Kara to Devineur.


Leilani and Sylas head to Devineur to rescue Kara. They break into the compound and find the Mageseekers have been developing petricite armor, using Durand research. Leilani focuses on freeing more mages, while Sylas heads deeper to look for Kara. He encounters a young mage named Rayn Rayn and implores her to escape, but soon realizes she is a Mageseeker. Rayn inflicts him with a nightmare spell, but escapes when he manages to resist. Sylas discovers more of Hesbeth's chimeric experiments, as well as a feather of the Veiled Lady in containment. Sensing great power, Sylas takes the feather in hopes that the rebellion can make use of it.

Finally reaching Kara's location, Sylas also finds Wisteria there. He tries to persuade his old friend to defect, but she remains loyal to the Mageseekers. As they battle, Sylas manages to break open Kara's cell. Kara then unleashes her magic against Wisteria, causing her to lose control. While she hastily ingests a petricite potion to rein in her magic, the two escape.

At the Hideout, Leilani is overjoyed to be reunited with her mentor. Kara also inquires about Sylas's relationship with Wisteria, to which he shares that he and Wisteria both trained under Killan but developed divergent perspectives over magic. He then presents the feather of the Veiled Lady, Kara begins to examine it and experiments to unlock the power within. Leilani assembles the rest of the rebellion and presents them the feather as proof of the Veiled Lady's existence, she then dispatches Sylas to seek the Lady's aid.

Sacred Woods

Back in the Great City, Wisteria reports her failure to Eldred. When she expects punishment, Eldred simply cautions not to let personal feelings cloud her judgment. She then goes to meet Rayn, impressed that the child was able to harness Sylas' fear against him. Rayn begins to question their cause should the Veiled Lady aid the rebels. Wisteria remains resolute, willing to fight even the Veiled Lady if it serves Demacia's greater good, as the Mageseekers believe they know what is best for the nation.

Sylas scours the Dark Forest for any trace of the Veiled Lady and comes across the same trail of ancient magic he encountered prior. Believing it to be a sign from the Veiled Lady, he follows it into the Sacred Woods, a deeper part of the forest where magic is more ancient. He encounters an enigmatic mystic mage named Elara, who has heard tales of Sylas' great exploits and joins the rebellion.

The trail eventually leads into the abode of Morgana, the Veiled Lady Morgana, the Veiled Lady. She is already acquainted with Syla's quest, but challenges him to a test in battle. In a final blow, she binds him with her soul shackles and learns about him through his pain. She notes Sylas's reluctance to embrace leadership despite being looked up to by many; he retorts he is only suited for battle. She then releases the binding and brings him to her sanctuary.

Further inside her home, Morgana shares her vision of a better future for Demacia, but emphasizes the need for a teacher. However, Sylas's goal of killing Eldred spares no interest in becoming a teacher. She questions how vengeance could still drive Sylas after many years, and whether he can ever be satisfied. He asserts his intention to keep fighting until the end, believing there will always be people like Eldred. She then asks what he would sacrifice in the pursuit of freedom, whether he would renounce even his thirst for vengeance in the name of a greater cause. Sylas firmly declares that vengeance is his cause. Disappointed with his answers, Morgana refuses to grant her blessing and reveals she possesses a weapon that the Mageseekers fear. She suggests that it could potentially reshape Demacia, but she doubts Sylas, driven by vengeance, possesses the strength to wield it.

Sylas returns the Hideout empty handed and informs the others about his encounter with Morgana. The rebels resolve to prove her wrong by targeting Eldred, demonstrating their strength and potentially changing her perception of their cause. Later, Leilani privately questions Sylas about Morgana's assessment of his strength. He reveals that Morgana took issue when he mentioned that his strength derives from vengeance. Leilani ponders and suggests that what Morgana seeks doesn't come from battle. Sylas also recounts his battle to Kara, who continues her research into the Veiled Lady's feather. She eventually succeeds in creating a spell from the feather, enabling Sylas to harness Morgana's power.


Meanwhile at Devineur, Killan and Wisteria meet with Hesbeth and Eldred to assess the recent attacks. Despite attempts to spread negative rumors about him, Sylas' rebellion continues to grow. While Wisteria wants Sylas dead, Killan is concerned that killing Sylas would make him a martyr. Hesbeth suggests conducting some experiments on Rayn, given her proven capability, but Wisteria and Eldred dismiss the idea.

Rebel scouts discover a mageseeker base in Glyndemere where Wisteria is currently training someone. The rest of the rebels consider it their next mission and quickly mobilize. Sylas infiltrates the fortress while the rebels engage the city guards as a diversion. Once inside, he starts to free prisoners while searching for Rayn. Among them is Ducard, a powerful storm mage eager to join the rebellion and unleash a thunderstorm in their favor. After freeing all the mages, Sylas suspiciously finds Lux in the prison as well, but he notices she is acting off. He realizes that it is an illusion and Rayn invades his mind again. This time, she manages to incapacitate him and he is imprisoned once more.

While unconscious, Sylas is experiences nightmares of his betrayal to Lux. Upon waking, he finds himself freed by a mageseeker named Gideon Gideon. Gideon explained that he only joined the Mageseekers in hope of protecting his mage husband Benjiro. Despite his efforts, Benjiro was still arrested, and Gideon now seeks to join the rebellion to rescue him, offering confidential Mageseeker intel.

Back at the Hideout, the rebels are initially taken aback when Sylas returns with a mageseeker, but most of them cautiously accept Gideon after hearing his story. However, Rukko remains adamantly opposed to collaborating with a mageseeker. As a token of trust, Gideon presents an artifact he stole from the Mageseekers: an idol that replays one's memories, which the Mageseeker use to train in combat. He also reveals that the Demacian army stores most of their ordinance within the armory of Capelworth, built within a large petricite tree. Kara and Leilani, who have experience working with petricite, decide that the arsenal will be their next target.


In Capelworth, the rebels plan to demolish the armory by planting explosive devices within the massive petricite tree that houses it. Each rebel takes responsibility for planting one of the devices: Kara plants the first, Yops plants the second, Leilani plants the third, and Rukko plants the fourth. When Sylas activates all the devices, the tree surges with magic before it topples and crushes the base.

Upon their return to the Hideout, Leilani calls a meeting to celebrate their recent triumph and thanks Sylas for his invaluable assistance. Sylas thanks Leilani for her exceptional leadership and Gideon for providing crucial intelligence. The next day, Rukko informs them that Lux's mage camp has evolved into a thriving town under her watch. Recognizing the potential value, Sylas sets off to make amends and negotiate an alliance.

Meanwhile in the Great City, King Jarvan IV King Jarvan IV summons Garen to discuss the destruction of the Capelworth armory. The king is visibly furious, feeling responsible for failing to capture Sylas and believing his father would be disappointed in him for letting Demacia descend into chaos. Garen reassures Jarvan that his father faced his own share of challenges long before emerging as a great king and heads out to gather further intelligence about the rebels.

Jarvan's half-dragon bodyguard Shyvana Shyvana then appears and voices her concern that vilifying Sylas will not lead to peace in Demacia. She also challenges Jarvan's implicit trust in the mageseekers, who want a Demacia where people like her are hunted merely for possessing magic in their blood. Despite Jarvan's reassurances that she will always have a place by his side, she insists that the king he is becoming would not be well-received with a dragon as a companion.


As Sylas makes his way to Terbisia, he thinks about how to apologize to Lux. Along the way, he encounters several mages, including an eccentric nature mage named Vesper living in the forest. Despite combat not being her forte, Sylas offers her a place in the rebellion.

Further along, he finds a mage caravan under attack by mageseekers. After repelling the attackers, Aidan—the alchemist he previously met—thanks Sylas for saving him again and offers a ride to Terbisia. Despite forgetting their last encounter, Sylas recalls that none of the mages wanted to join the fight. Aidans notes that circumstances have changed since their last encounter.

When they arrive in Terbisia, Sylas observes the stark differences between their encampments. While the Hideout is a provisional camp in hiding, Terbisia is an open sanctuary composed of homesteads. Lux and her group had chosen to resettle in the city's ruins following its destruction by an earthquake. Aidan shares his background as a respected healer in the Great City who treated the military and noble houses. However, his life took a turn when the mageseekers discovered his magical abilities, forcing him to flee and leaving someone dear to him behind.

Sylas finds Lux training children to harness their magical abilities, but their encounter is fraught with tension. Sylas implores Lux to hear him out, expressing his regrets for not disclosing his plan. He acknowledges that Lux doesn't owe him forgiveness but seeks her support in uniting forces to combat Eldred and the Mageseekers. Their conversation is disrupted when a Rattleclaw goes on a rampage. Sylas and Lux join forces to repel the creature and prevent it from causing further damage to Terbisia.

Afterwards, Lux concedes that while they both share a desire for a future where mages are free in Demacia, they have divergent paths to achieve that goal. Lux is unwilling to endanger the mages under her protection, wary of inviting conflict to her doorstep. Instead, she offers refuge and sanctuary to any mages who no longer wish to fight. Disappointed, Sylas gets ready to leave before Aidan joins him, offering his medical expertise in exchange for rescuing his close friend Calliope from the Mageseekers.

The rebels decide to target Eldred's allies next, beginning with Hesbeth and his grotesque experiments. Gideon reveals an unmarked area in the Great City frequented by mageseekers, which they deduce to be the location of Hesbeth's lab and mark it as their next objective.

Great City of Demacia

As the rebels head out, Sylas privately cautions Leilani about infiltrating the Mageseeker headquarters in the heart of Demacia; worrying their forces are not yet ready for a mission this dangerous. Leilani presents her contigency plan: her most powerful spell, one capable of unleashing a burst of magic at the cost of her own life. Sylas is bewildered to why she would carry something like that, but Leilani tells him she would lay down her life to keep them safe. She believes this is what Morgana meant–that Demacia doesn't need rage and anger, but hope instead. While Sylas belives hope does not win battles, Leilani believes their soldiers need it since they are the ones building a better future.

After sneaking into the Great City, the rebels infiltrate the Mageseeker headquarters to look for Hesbeth's lab. As they free more mages, they find the lab's secret entrance within the prison. Sylas finally encounters Hesbeth with Killan, whom are discussing what they would do if they caught Sylas. In the face of their enemy, Hesbeth orders Killan to arrest him, but he staunchly refuses. Enraged with his defiance, Hesbeth quickly injects Killan with a serum, mutating into an incoherent monster, before absconding. As they battle, Sylas tries to reach his mentor, but he is too far gone. Left with no choice, Sylas kills Killan, vowing to avenge his teacher.

When the rebels return home with the prisoners, Aidan is joyfully reunited with Calliope. Furious over Killan's death, Sylas becomes impatient and determined to make the mageseekers pay for their actions. With Hesbeth in hiding, he believes their next target should be Eldred himself. Seeing that Sylas is still mourning, Leilani tries to calm him down and asks him to rest before deciding. The next day, the rebels vote in favor of assassinating Eldred, except Aidan and Leilani. Despite her reservations, Leilani ultimately agrees to support them and they begin their preparations.

Great City of Demacia II

After the previous attack, the Great City is on high alert with a large standing force. Rukko, Yops, and Sylas are tasked with creating a diversion, while Gideon and Kara search for Eldred. As Sylas makes his way through the city, Aidan informs him that they did not draw enough attention away from the infiltration team. When Sylas reaches them, they inform him that Eldred escaped when the fighting started and the Mageseekers have cut off their escape route. They deduce Eldred retreated to the palace and focus their attack there.

Sylas encounters Garen again in the assault, but triumphs in their rematch and prepares to finish him off. Leilani quickly interjects, saying they will lose Lux's help if they kill her brother. Sylas begrudgingly spares the captain's life and regroups with rebel forces at a makeshift camp. After resting, the rebels lay siege to the palace. Once inside, Sylas insists on dealing the killing blow himself, but orders the others to leave if they cannot find Eldred. Sylas eventually confronts Eldred sitting casually in his office. The unnerved noble says that killing him will make no difference, as another person would take his place. Sylas disregards this final plea, and strikes Eldred down.

As guards begin to surround the office, Sylas resorts to escaping through the rooftops. He is intercepted by King Jarvan IV, who accuses him of killing his father. Sylas retorts that he did not kill the old king, but says that the new king is welcome to join Eldred in death. Jarvan then entraps the area in a stone wall to duel Sylas, but Sylas gains the upper hand. Shyvana arrives to reinforce her king and transforms into a dragon. Sylas overpowers the duo, but Shyvana uses the last of her strength to errect a ring of scorching flame. Seeing their camaraderie, Sylas chastises Jarvan's hypocrisy over magical beings. As he prepares to dispel to Shyvana's barrier, Rukko suddenly breaks through the wall to alert that the Mageseekers have cornered the rest of the rebels. Sylas is once again conflicted on leaving an oppurtunity for vengeance, but Rukko reminds him of his promise to Leilani and he begrudingly spares them.

Back inside, Sylas is frustrated they didn't leave as he ordered, but Leilani says they stayed behind to cover him. Wisteria orders them to surrender and unleashes a blast that incapacitates them except Leilani. Out of options, Leilani decides to use her final spell to reflect Wisteria's next attack, stunning the mageseekers and kills herself in the process. With the mageseekers down, the rebels abscond while carrying her body back to the Hideout. With their leader dead, the demoralized rebellion becomes directionless. Sylas is worried that their war might be over, but has no solutions in mind. Suddenly, he receives a summons from Morgana and follows it.

Back in the Great City, Jarvan meets with Garen and Wisteria to discuss the recent attacks. Jarvan is baffled that the rebellion continues to succeed with such audacity, and appoints Wisteria as the new leader of the Mageseekers. He orders her to increase raids and patrols, but Wisteria proposes going further and asks for permission to execute mages. Jarvan retorts that imprisonment should suffice, but Wisteria counters that the rebels have been recruiting from the prisons. Garen is horrified by her suggestion, arguing that Lux and Shyvana would fall under this category of execution. Jarvan agrees with Wisteria about the prisons, but he promises to protect Lux if she returns home.

Sacred Woods II

As Sylas makes his way to the Veiled Lady, he reflects on how he failed to save Leilani. When he reaches Morgana, Sylas finally understands why he failed her test: his rage alone isn't enough to win this war. Leilani knew this, but died because of Sylas' actions. Seeing him humbled by his failure, Morgana shows him a vision of the true origin of Demacia.

Long ago, the Rune Wars once sundered the land in chaos and destruction. Survivors of the tragedy found safe haven within a forest of stone trees where magic was dampened. It was here that the refugees founded Demacia, harvesting petricite to protect them from the magical horrors outside their walls. Mages and non-mages alike worked together to make the city better. The Winged Protectors were two beings venerated for defending the city with their magic, immortalized as a national symbol of protection. But history was rewritten over time, those in power blamed the Rune Wars on magic itself and turned the city against mages. In time, the Mageseekers were established, banning all magic and forcing the mages into hiding.

Sylas realizes Morgana was one of the Winged Protectors, alongside her sister Kayle Kayle, and asks why she remains hidden. Morgana replies that if she returned, so would her sister, and Demacia is not ready for her judgment. She then presents him with a feather from her sister and uses it grant him a blessing: the ability to share the vision. Sylas is skeptical if anyone will believe him, but Morgana is confident, noting the yordle does and Yops comes out of stalking. He then returns to the Hideout and shows the rebels Morgana's vision, inspiring them to continue the fight.


After the rebels finish their mourning, Gideon presents news that the Mageseekers have begun to enact public executions for mages, with the first being held in Meltridge. Rukko remembers Meltridge was where they took his brother and wants to save him, but Kara thinks it is an attempt to attract the rebels. Sylas tells them they are still going, and their new priority is to rescue the families of mages. Rukko asks if it will be a standard rescue mission, but Sylas has another idea in mind.

In the Great City, Shyvana prepares to leave after Jarvan approved Wisteria's request. He tries to convince her to stay, promising to protect her, but Shyvana sees no future for herself in Demacia now. Jarvan doubts his ability to be king without her by his side, so Shyvana suggests he leave with her, but he cannot abandon his people. She tells him that he does not have to be a ruthless king, but he fears that it is too late. Parting ways, she says that no transformation is permanent, then she transforms and flies away. Meanwhile, Wisteria informs Garen that they have evidence Lux is sheltering terrorist mages in Terbisia. She believes that Lux has been radicalized by Sylas and must be stopped before she can harm anyone.

When Sylas arrives in Meltridge, he sees that while the people still fear him, they now fear the Mageseekers more. He meets with Aidan and Rukko, who also notice the people are starting to revolt against the Mageseekers. Rukko reports that Wisteria was sighted at a nearby camp and suggests going after her, but Sylas remains focused on their task to save the mages. They sneak into the town square and see the mages being brought out, with Rukko's brother Kino stepping up first. Sylas leaps on stage and frees the prisoners, while Aidan and Rukko take out the guards. With the town before them, Sylas broadcasts Morgana's vision across Demacia, exposing the truth about their nation. Wisteria arrives and says that Sylas is lying, but the people have already been convinced. As the two battle, Wisteria's magic grows more unstable until she overloads and knocks out both herself and Sylas. Aidan, Rukko, and the mages retreat with Sylas, while the mageseekers stay behind and guard Wisteria.

Back at the Hideout, the rebels recuperate and celebrate their victory, electing Sylas as their new leader. As they plan their next move, Gideon informs them Hesbeth has been accelerating his experiments, believing Benjiro is among the new prisoners moved into the lab.

Great City of Demacia III

Garen arrives in Terbisia to warn Lux that Wisteria is coming. He pleads with his sister to return home with him in amnesty, but Lux refuses to abandon her people and sends Garen away if he does not wish to help.

In the Great City, Gideon and Sylas scale the walls and sneak through the rooftops to reach the mageseeker headquarters. Once they reach the lab, Gideon escorts Benjiro and other mages to freedom, while Sylas searches for Hesbeth. After fighting through hordes of his experiments, Sylas finally corners Hesbeth. The scientist tries to beg for his life, but Sylas refuses to listen and ends Hesbeth's life.

Back home, the rebels celebrate Hesbeth's demise and the end of his experiments, but Lux arrives as Sylas is giving a speech. She's impressed with how far he has come, having heard of his deeds including gaining the Veiled Lady's blessing and sparing Garen's life. While she hasn't forgiven him, Lux wishes to extend an olive branch and asks for his help to repel the coming attack on Terbisia. Sylas agrees to this alliance and introduces the rest of the rebels.

Terbisia II

Garen reports back to Jarvan that Lux will not return. Jarvan says Shyvana left as well, having driven her away by his actions. He regrets the power he has given the Mageseekers, and tells Garen about a royal decree he secretly found written by his late father. The Mageseekers would have been abolished, and mage arrests would have ceased, had the prince not destroyed the letter in retaliation against Sylas's alleged regicide. Jarvan felt that forgiveness seemed weak at a time when he needed to appear as a strong king. Garen replies with how he needed to overcome his own worries: protecting his sister proved more precious than protecting his public image. Jarvan agrees that the Demacian people should be empowered to protect those they love, even mages. Realizing their errors, Jarvan sends Garen back to Terbisia to stop Wisteria.

As the rebels prepare for the assault, Sylas tells Lux that he impressed with the warrior she become these last few month. The assault on Terbisia begins quickly, starting with a group of silverwing riders attacking the north gate. After repelling the raptors, Aidan tells Sylas to reinforce the south gate as he begins to treat the wounded. Lux volunteers to hold the south gate, while Sylas responds to attacks on multiple fronts. Gideon then informs of Wisteria's encampment at a nearby fort. Knowing the city is in safe hands, Sylas takes off with Kara, Rukko, and Yops. Meanwhile, the Mageseekers begin to corner Lux, until Garen intervenes. He apologizes for abandoning her and promises to always support her. He tells her that Jarvan has ordered the Mageseekers to stand down, but does not think Wisteria will listen. Together, the siblings defend the city against the influx of mageseekers.

As they make their way to Wisteria, the path is beset with soldiers. Yops holds off another silverwing, while Rukko deals a squad of mageseekers. Along the way, they see Shyvana in the air raining fire against the Mageseekers. When Sylas arrives at the camp, he meets Rayn disguised as Leilani. She tries to play to his guilt and invade his mind, but Kara arrives and breaks her hold, forcing her to retreat. Kara fends off the remaining mageseekers while Sylas goes to face Wisteria.

The two former friends battle once more. Wisteria taunts him over his lack of control of his magic, but begins to lose control herself. She takes him into her mindscape, where Sylas learns how Wisteria grew to hate magic. Eldred and Hesbeth exploited her fear over her magic and turned her into a weapon for the Mageseekers. She eventually found Rayn suffering a similar fate and offered to help control her magic. Sylas acknowledges that Wisteria is beyond redemption, but thinks there is still hope for Rayn. Wisteria offers him one last chance to recant, but Sylas refuses and says her fate was worse than prison. Wisteria's unleashes her full power in the climax of the fight, but Sylas absorbs and redirects it against her. Defeated, Wisteria lays dying, still believing the Mageseeker doctrine. With her final words, she tells Sylas that Rayn still needs help, and he promises to look after her.

In the aftermath of the battle, Garen helps Lux rebuild Terbisia. He says that Sylas still needs to be apprehended, but she defends with the fact that Sylas saved many lives, including Garen's. He asks her to return to the capital with him, believing Jarvan will listen to her advice, to which she agrees.

Jarvan continues to try and be a good king, balancing honor and duty with his heart. Honoring his late father's wishes, he pens a decree abolishing the Mageseekers and declares Terbisia a safe haven for mages governed by Lux. He promises to protect magical beings and declares anyone who still support the Mageseekers his enemy, hoping this policy will bring Shyvana home.

Sylas continues to mourn the fallen and hopes that one day he might live up to their sacrifice. He decides to take Rayn under his wing, honoring his promise to Wisteria. The rebels also discuss their next move; despite several royal concessions, their work is far from over. Aidan notes that they will need more allies, so Kara suggests seeking aid from the Freljord, but Sylas insists they celebrate first.

Lux, Garen, and Jarvan look to the horizon and see Shyvana flying home to Demacia.

Ternmoat Headquarters

Leilani informs Sylas that she has been hearing reports that the mageseekers have been collecting petricite for an unknown project and sends him to investigate. Inside a mageseek laboratory, Sylas learns that mageseeker scientists have been creating spells with side effects. While these spells are similar to Leilani's work, they are also highly unstable, so Sylas resolves to destroy them. As he makes his way through the compound, Sylas discovers the mageseekers have been researching the works of Durand. He reports his findings to Leilani and wonders if Kara is involved with this, but Leilani knows her mentor would never help them. They decide to continue to sabotage their labs and find out what the mageseekers are planning.

Cypress Glen Headquarters

Leilani's scouts have located another spellcrafting laboratory, and believing the mageseekers are working on something more than just spells, Sylas heads out to destroy it. As he makes his way through the facility, he battles another petricite helmet and frees more prisoners. At the end, he finds notes from the mageseekers indicating that the petricite is starting to show signs of life. Sylas informs Leilani of his findings, believing the mageseekers are using Durand's research to create petricite soldiers.

Iffighain Headquarters

Kara informs Sylas that their scouts have found another spellcrafting laboratory receiving massive petricite shipments. Convinced the mageseekers are building something there, he heads out to destroy it. After fighting his way through the lab and freeing some prisoners, Sylas finds a giant petricite hand being made. He realizes the mageseekers aren't making petricite soldiers, but an entire colossus, loyal only to Eldred. He proceeds to destroy the hand and reports his findings to Kara. She explains that while her ancestor built Galio Galio to protect the capital, the colossus would never hurt anyone who didn't pose a threat. Kara is disgusted members of her family are willing to tarnish their legacy by aiding the mageseekers. To make matters worse, Sylas notes that the mageseeker working on the project believes the colossus is starting to disobey their orders.

Quickmoore Headquarters

Kara believes the lab in Quickmoore is where the mageseekers are making armor plating for the colossus. If completed, it would make it unstoppable, and she sends Sylas to shut it down. After battling another petricite helmet, Sylas finds the colossus' armor and destroys it. He returns to the Hideout and reports that the armor looked complete, worrying that the mageseekers are nearing completion of their colossus. He also notes that the researcher working on it found out his superiors want to use the colossus to eradicate all mages, including mageseekers.

Cloven Dell Headquarters

Sylas receives a tip about another spellcrafting lab in Cloven Dell and sets out to destroy the colossus. After clearing out the facility, one sole mageseeker remains. He begs Sylas to spare him and tells him the colossus is being completed at a lab at the Hidden Pass. Sylas is incredulous, stating he destroyed the gauntlet and armor, but the mageseeker insists it won't need them to wreck havoc. Sylas decides to let him go and returns to the Hideout. He reports the researcher intends to dismantle the colossus himself, after seeing what it did to his fellow mageseekers, but they can't be certain unless they go to Hidden Pass themselves.

Hidden Pass Headquarters
Kara informs Sylas they have found the spellcrafting laboratory at Hidden Pass and sends him to find the mageseeker who pledged to destroy the colossus. After fighting his way through the facility, he destroys the remains of the colossus but finds the mageseeker dead. Kara is pleased the mageseekers will never corrupt her ancestor's work again and knows Leilani would be proud of them.

Whispers in the Woods I

Yops tells Sylas that Kara wants them to find more recruits. They find evidence that people might be living in the nearby woods and head out to find them. As they approach a campground, they find it littered with bones. Yops is terrified, but Sylas doesn't think anything is out of the ordinary. Yops tells him of stories she has heard about these woods, of how nightmares come to life, but Sylas remains unfazed. Suddenly, the bones disappear, and monsters attack, causing Yops to flee. After dealing with them, they return to camp empty-handed.

Whispers in the Woods II

Yops informs Sylas that their scouts have found more evidence of a group of mages living in the woods, but when they tried to make contact, they find nothing. Believing it to be the work of a mystic mage, Sylas thinks he can convince them they mean no harm. While searching the forest, they encounter a trail from the Veiled Lady. Yops follows it and encounters her greatest fears: goo and rats. Yops starts to doubt if she is fit for this mission, but Sylas reassures her she's the bravest yordle he knows.

Whispers in the Woods III

After hearing yet another report of mages living in the forest, Sylas and Yops head out to look for them, hoping it isn't another dead end. When they arrive at where the mages were sighted, Sylas senses a powerful magic like the Veiled Lady's, but different. Believing it to be a sign from Morgana, they follow it. It leads them to an abandoned mageseeker camp, with all the guards dead. Sylas is impressed with whoever managed to take them out, but the trail mysteriously disappears. Spooked, Yops runs back to camp.

Whispers in the Woods IV

Yops realizes that whatever they encountered in the woods is a threat and convinces Sylas to come with her to stop it before it can find their camp. While searching the woods, Sylas encounters the farmhouse where he failed to save the young mage. He then sees an illusion of his greatest fear, what he would look like if he remained with the mageseekers. Realizing something is preying on their fears, Sylas and Yops return to the Hideout to rest but promise to stop whatever is stalking the woods.

Whispers in the Woods V
Yops and Sylas decide to head back into the woods a final time to find the monster. They encounter what appears to be Morgana, but something seems off about her. She insults and belittles Sylas, causing him to realize it is another illusion. He battles the false Veiled Lady and emerges victorious, forcing Nocturne Nocturne to reveal itself and retreat. Confused if that was truly Morgana, Sylas explains to Yops that that was Nocturne, a shadow demon that feasts on people's fear. They both agree to never do that again and leave the woods triumphant.


The journals are pieces of additional lore scattered throughout the game.



Game Features[]

Command the Magic

Magic is everywhere, including on the battlefield. From searing flames to deadly ice, master a variety of spells and customize your unique play style. Brandish your chains and use your enemies’ magic against them, or bash them with your fists–the choice is yours.

Raise a Rebellion

Demacia is ripe for a revolution, but can you rise to the challenge of leading it? It’s up to you to find mages across the land and recruit them to your cause. Harness the power of your growing army to upgrade your base and unlock unique abilities.

Forge Your Legacy

You see the Mageseekers for the criminals they are, but not everyone is ready for the truth. Battle formidable foes and align with unforgettable allies, both new and old. Only you can uncover the buried secrets of Demacia’s past, and use them to change the course of its future.


  • The Mageseeker's codename in development was Starblitz.
  • Aidan's codename in development was Alchemist.
  • Gideon's codename in development was Renner.
  • Kara's codename in development was Mistress.
  • Leilani's codename in development was Pupil.
  • Rukko's codename in development was Incus.
  • Yops' codename in development was Coach.
    • Yops was named after Jordi Llopis Ocina, the Programming Director of Mageseeker.[2]
  • Wisteria's codename in development was Maxima.
  • Jellbug, one of the monsters encountered in the game, is named after Rayla 'Jellbug' Heide, a former writer at Riot and one of the game's writers.[3]
  • The 6 elemental magics in the game (fire, ice, mystic, nature, storm, & wind) are based off of Elementalist Lux's Elementalist Lux's forms.

After thoroughly enjoying Moonlighter, Riot approached its developer Digital Sun to commission an action RPG set in the League of Legends IP.[4] By January 2019, several game ideas had been pitched: including a player character that could steal enemy abilities. Unbeknownst to the small studio, League of Legends would quickly release a champion that fit the description: Sylas.

The story of the game follows Sylas shortly after the Lux comic series. The Katarina comic series was published in anticipation of the game’s release. Digital Sun presented a playable demo of the game at PAX East 2023, and hosted a presentation describing the development.


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