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The Lunari are an ancient organization and religious order which task is to venerate the Aspect of the Moon of Mount Targon.


The worship of the Moon. The religion spoke that the world needed balance between both sun and moon to live and thrive. However, it has long since been quashed from the world and history, most likely by the Solari's hand. The Lunari's return may come to pass through the crusade waged by DianaSquare Diana, the Scorn of the Moon and an outcast by the Solari themselves.

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The Order

  • The Lunari 1
  • The Lunari 2
  • Priestess Of The Moon
  • Blinding Light
  • Lunari Weapons
  • Diana Promo.png Diana's Discovery

An ancient underground sect, the Lunari worship the holy light of the silver moon. They practice their beliefs in secret, hiding from the Solari who seek to expel the Lunari from the mountain forever. Some say that long ago, the two groups coexisted, living in peace and worshiping the many celestial bodies as one people.

The Lunari chart celestial movements to divine the future. Certain priestesses wear necklaces of mirrored moonglass, believing that reflections can reveal even greater truths. Some Lunari seers bind their eyes during the day, training their eyes to see only in darkness - for only under the pure light of the moon is truth revealed.


  • The sectarian names Solari & Lunari derive from Latin sol and luna.
    • The Solari's dismissive and disdainful attitude towards the Lunari possibly references the astronomical fact that the Moon does not emit any light, but only reflects the Sun's light.[1]


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