The Glade is a hidden area in Valoran located near Bandle City.


The Glade, the enchanted home of the fae, lay nestled in a clearing in the woods neighbouring Bandle City. There the rigid properties of the outside world - things like size and color - changed as frequently and whimsically as the direction of the wind.

Champions of The Glade

Other Related Champions

  • AmumuSquare Amumu travelled through the Glade.
  • ShacoSquare Shaco travelled through the Glade.


The Story of the Yordle Child

Lulu OriginalSkin

Lulu and Pix near the entrance to the Glade

Pix, Faerie Companion Pix, a fae spirit, came to the forests of the Yordle Lands. There he met the yordle child LuluSquare Lulu which he lured into the Glade by pretending to be stuck in a birdhouse. Once Lulu was close enough, he brought her into the Glade.

Lulu's life in the Glade was comfortable, natural, and carefree. She and Pix played fae games together, the sorts of games that she had been told were “only pretend,” and she got exceedingly good at them. It caught her by surprise when she suddenly remembered that she had left a life behind in Bandle City. The Glade had a way of making everything outside seem distant and surreal. Lulu decided to revisit her former home. Along with Pix, she returned to the Yordle Lands and has yet to return to the Glade.


  • The Glade shares numerous similarities with the Spirit realms. It could possibly be the middle area between the Yordle Lands where Bandle City is located and the rest of Runeterra.


League of Legends Music Lulu and Shaco’s Quirky Encounter

League of Legends Music Lulu and Shaco’s Quirky Encounter

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