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The Drakkengate map

The Drakkengate Map

"Real funny! Knew a funny guy in the Drekan Campaign - took a javelin in the spine, couldn't walk after that. Used him as a coat rack."
Kled OriginalSquare Kled

The Drakkengate is a coastal settlement in eastern Noxus. It was the last settlement to fall before Noxus declared itself an Empire.


The Drakkengate map 01

The Drakkengate Map

The city's current leader is Steward Algor Nimchi. It has been in control of Noxus ever since the Draken campaign, lead by Kled OriginalSquare Kled. Its most well-known export is its fine mudpacks (for bricks perhaps), though unfortunately its products seem to be tainted by adulterants: peach slugs, nacre powder, Nirpooti skins, Freljordian grain milk, HoneyfruitSquare Honeyfruit seeds, and Ionian silver pomace.

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  • Kled OriginalSquare Kled was present during the Drekan Campaign.



Stewards are the provincial rulers of Noxus. They are tasked to enforce Noxian rule in occupied territories as well as cities outside the capital.

Stewards Description
Algor Nimchi Current Steward of The Drakkengate.


  • Travel from Piltover to The Drakkengate takes around 15 days by trade ship.
  • Travel from The Drakkengate to Fae'lor takes around 6 days by Noxian troop carrier ship.


Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier - Login Screen

Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier - Login Screen

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