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Our gold feeds the campaigns of conquest. Our iron clads and arms the warbands of the empire. The Trifarian Legion too.
— Oram Arkhan val-Lokan, The Principles of Strength

The Delverhold is a fortified settlement of the Ironspike Mountains between Noxus and the cold tundra of the Freljord. Mountain fortress, whose rich mines supply Noxus with gold and iron.


A fortress settled at the foot of the Ironspike Mountains where it has prospered from the wealth of gold and iron ore quarried from the mountains. It was originally a kingdom of its own independence, that is until the empire of Noxus encroached about eighty-seven years ago. In fear of annihilation, the Delverhold king relinquished his authority and swore loyalty to the foreign emperor. Now its people work endlessly to supply Noxus with armor and weapons crafted with the iron they mine; and in turn, are never drafted to fight for the empire.

Related Champions

  • Darius Darius insists that the Trifarian Legion be armed and armored using ore from the Delverhold in the Ironspike Mountains, which he considers the best in the empire.



Stewards are the provincial rulers of Noxus. They are tasked to enforce Noxian rule in occupied territories as well as cities outside the capital.

Stewards Description
Alyssa Roshka Gloriana val-Lokan Current Steward of Delverhold after she usurped her father for Noxus.

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