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The Collector is a legendary item in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends.


The Collector item.png
The Collector
3000 Gold 3000 (425 Gold 425)
Serrated Dirk item.png
1100 Gold 1100 (400 Gold 400)

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold efficiency

  • The Collector's The Collector's base stats are 102.49% gold efficient.

Similar items


  • Death and Taxes deals Fear Beyond Death 2.png raw damage, and thus will not trigger spell effects.
  • Death and Taxes is not blocked by Spell Shield.png spell shield.
  • When Death and Taxes triggers, the damage text that is displayed is exaggerated and does not actually deal that amount.
  • Death and Taxes execution effect cannot be triggered by:


Bilgewater Crest icon.png


Patch History

  • Bug Fix: Damage dealt from items now properly triggers Death and Taxes.
  • Bug Fix: Death and Taxes now properly triggers against enemy champions with Death's Dance Death's Dance.
  • Undocumented: Can no longer be triggered by Energized.
  • Undocumented: Can no longer be triggered by attacks that deal 0 damage post-mitigation.
  • New Effect: Execute now only triggers against champions, instead of all enemies except epic monsters and structures.
V10.23 - November 12th Hotfix
  • Bug Fix: Execute no longer procs off Aspect of the Dragon's Aspect of the Dragon's execute, creating a loop against invulnerable targets that immediately killed them when the invulnerability wore off.
V10.23 - Added
  • Recipe: Serrated Dirk Serrated Dirk + Pickaxe Pickaxe + Cloak of Agility Cloak of Agility + 425 Gold 425 = 3000 Gold 3000.
  • Stats: 55 attack damage, 20% critical strike chance, 12 lethality.
  • Unique Passive - Death and Taxes: If you deal damage that would leave an enemy below 5% of their maximum health, execute them. Champion kills grant you an additional 25 Gold 25.
  • Limited to 1 The Collector.


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