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  • The Boss cannot be one-shot (Lee Sin Lee Sin exception): if he takes a huge amount of damage, he will drop to 1 health and leaves combat to start doing sit-ups.


Patch History

V11.9 - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 5.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where attacks and abilities wouldn't convert to true damage if Sett Sett was healed to full by sources other than sit ups.
V11.2 - Returning
  • Returning to Set 4.5 with no changes.
V10.19 - Added
  • Synergy: When The Boss first drops below 40% health, he leaves combat to start doing sit-ups. Each sit-up restores 15% maximum health and gives him 40% bonus attack speed and bonus movement speed. If he reaches full health he returns to combat Pumped Up, converting his basic attack and spell damage to true damage. If all of his allies die, he will immediately return to combat.
  • Champion: Sett Sett.