The Black Spear is a distributed item in League of Legends for KalistaSquare Kalista.[1]


  • KalistaSquare Kalista is offered this item exclusively at the start of the game, and has no gold value.
    • Upon use the item disappears but it can be rebought at the store until 3:00 for no cost, enabling KalistaSquare Kalista to use it on a different allied champion.
  • SylasSquare Sylas can buy this item in the store for no cost, allowing him to bind to an ally, and so use Fate's Call Fate's Call if he Hijack hijacks it from an enemy KalistaSquare Kalista.


  • The Black Spear item The Black Spear is the very weapon that HecarimSquare Hecarim used to kill Kalista, now protruding from her chest. She uses it to link to souls before carrying out their vengeance.
  • In the process of channeling, the Oathsworn ally performs their death animation before turning back idle.
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