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Tether example

Morgana OriginalSquare Morgana casting Soul Shackles Soul Shackles to tether herself to four enemy Champion icon champions.

A tether is an effect that creates a link between the source and the target(s) whose power can be dependent on the effective range and/or time linked. The link is broken beyond maximum range and if either the source or the target(s) Death dies. Some hostile tethers have the ability to True Sight icon reveal targets in Guerrilla Warfare stealth. Tethers persist through Playful untargetability. Spell Shield Spell shields can prevent the application of hostile tethers but not their after effects (this varies). Rebirth Dispel effects and the transformation into the Omen of Death zombie state will always remove tethers. The transition into the Realm of Death Realm of Death can break any existing tethers on differing targets.

Types of Tethers


A hostile tether is a link between a source and an enemy.



A friendly tether links between a source and an ally. It is reapplied instantly if either one is in range.

Gameplay Elements
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