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Navigation mesh defines navigation boundaries.

Terrain refers to an area of a map that is impassible for units to navigate by normal travel. Most units are unable to stand in or path through the areas, though they will attempt as much of the path as possible when ordered. Terrain normally obstructs Sight icon.png sight, so that units cannot see inside or past terrain.

Some terrain may selectively allow passage, as with base gates that allow allied units to cross.

Brush is often located next to terrain.

Terrain Generation

Terrain can be map-generated or player-generated.



Player-Generated Terrain is based on spawning units and may behave differently for some interactions than the more permanent map terrain.

Special Interactions with Terrain

Some abilities appear to attach to terrain, by changing the target to the closest predetermined anchor point once the ability hits terrain. Some abilities cannot pass through terrain. Some abilities have effects that will path around terrain to the target location.

Attaching to Terrain

Blocked/Stopped by Terrain

Paths around Terrain

Range Extended by Terrain

If an ability would place a unit that cannot stand in terrain, inside of terrain, the unit will instead affect a nearby location that is not inside terrain. This location can either be: the closest location to the target location that is not inside terrain, the location immediately before the terrain in the target direction or toward the target location, or the location immediately after the terrain in the target direction or toward the target location. Terrain can be used to extend the range of some abilities using this feature.

Most Dash.png dashes can be range extended by terrain if they can travel at least halfway through the terrain unless specifically noted that they cannot pass through terrain.

Some abilities indicate interaction with terrain.

Other Interactions