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Trebisia map

Trebisia Map

Terbisia is a riverside settlement located in Lower Demacia of southern Demacia, south of the Greenfang Mountains. It was badly destroyed after an earthquake.


An earthquake struck Terbisia at dawn, the earth bucking like an unbroken colt and splitting apart in gaping fissures.

The scale of the devastation was immense. Terbisia's buildings were crafted from hard mountain granite and Demacian oak, raised high by communal strength. And almost all of them had been completely destroyed. Dust-covered men and women dug through the shattered ruins with picks and shovels, hoping to find survivors, but instead, dragged corpses from the debris. Entire streets had simply vanished into the many smoking chasms now dividing the town's districts.

Illuminator Crest icon Illuminators such as Lux OriginalSquare Lux have came to give aid to the city, whether as additional medical staff or as moral support for the injured and dying.

Related Champions

  • Lux OriginalSquare Lux and the Illuminator Crest icon Illuminators came to give aid to the city after an earthquake.


  • Dothan, a soldier named for the hero of Dawnhold, was one of the soldiers comforted by Lux OriginalSquare Lux in Terbisia before his death.


League of Legends Music Demacia Rising

League of Legends Music Demacia Rising

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