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Displays the icon and name of a Universe.

{{univ|<faction name>}}

input output
Main Universes
Runeterra Prime/Main Universe Runeterra Map profileicon Runeterra Prime / Runeterra Map profileicon Main Universe
Blood Moon Blood Seal profileicon Blood Moon
Event Horizon (NOT Cosmic or Dark Star) Galaxies 2020 profileicon Event Horizon
High Noon / High Noon Gothic High Noon Gothic profileicon High Noon / High Noon Gothic profileicon High Noon Gothic
Music skins universe DJ Sona Kinetic profileicon Music skins
Odyssey Odyssey Veteran profileicon Odyssey
Spirit Blossom Spirit Blossom 2020 profileicon Spirit Blossom
Star Guardian Star Guardian profileicon Star Guardian
Other universes
runeterra legacy Runeterra Legacy icon Runeterra Legacy
academy Universe Default icon Academy
albion Universe Default icon Albion
anniversary 10th Anniversary Summoner profileicon Anniversary
arcade Arcade Star profileicon Arcade
arcanists Arcanist Zoe Prestige Edition profileicon Arcanists
arclight Arclight Yorick profileicon Arclight
arctic ops Universe Default icon Arctic Ops
astronauts Astronaut Bard Chroma profileicon Astronauts
battle academia Battle Academia profileicon Battle Academia
Battlecast Battlecast profileicon Battlecast
Bilgewater AU / bilgewater skins Act 3 Lessons in Power profileicon Bilgewater skins
bloodstone Vladimir BloodLordCircle Bloodstone
cats vs dogs Golden Dogs vs Cats profileicon Cats vs Dogs
chaos and order Night &amp; Dawn Event profileicon Chaos and Order
chosen and forsaken Universe Default icon Chosen and Forsaken
commando Universe Default icon Commando
cops and robbers Mafia Poro profileicon Cops and Robbers
cottontail Universe Default icon Cottontail
crimson elite Universe Default icon Crimson Elite
culinary masters Chicken on a Pizza profileicon Culinary Masters
day job Universe Default icon Day Job
debonair Debonair profileicon Debonair
definitely not Definitely Not a Vel&#039;Koz Icon profileicon Definitely Not
demacia vice Demacia Vice Neon Sun profileicon Demacia Vice
demonic Little Devil Teemo profileicon Demonic
dragon world Flame Dragon profileicon Dragon World
dreadknights Universe Default icon Dreadknights
dunkmaster Universe Default icon Dunkmaster
eclipse Solar Eclipse Leona profileicon Eclipse
elementalist Elementalist profileicon Elementalist
eternum Eternum Cassiopeia profileicon Eternum
fables Universe Default icon Fables
forgotten depths Universe Default icon Forgotten Depths
Freljord AU / Freljord skins Universe Default icon Freljord AU
galactic Universe Default icon Galactic
glacial Universe Default icon Glacial
goth Universe Default icon Goth
guardian of the sands Universe Default icon Guardian of the Sands
Harrowing AU/Harrowing skins Evil Pumpkin profileicon Harrowing AU
headhunter Universe Default icon Headhunter
heavy metal Universe Default icon Heavy Metal
hextech skins League Client Alpha Tester profileicon Hextech skins
high society Gentleman Poro profileicon High Society
immortal journey Transcendent profileicon Immortal Journey
infernal Infernal Amumu profileicon Infernal
invaders Universe Default icon Invaders
lancer Universe Default icon Lancer
lost empire Universe Default icon Lost Empire
luchador El Tigre profileicon Luchador
Lunar Revel AU / Lunar Revel skins Glowing Lantern profileicon Lunar Revel skins
mad scientists Universe Default icon Mad Scientists
marauders versus wardens / marauders vs wardens Blue Team Stag profileicon Marauders vs Wardens
mecha 00 Reactivated profileicon Mecha
omega squad Omega Squad Recruit profileicon Omega Squad
omen of the dark Omen of the Damned profileicon Omen of the Dark
order of the lotus Universe Default icon Order of the Lotus
papercraft Papercraft Nunu profileicon Papercraft
pax Universe Default icon PAX
piltover customs Universe Default icon Piltover Customs
prehistoric hunters Universe Default icon Prehistoric Hunters
pulsefire Pulsefire profileicon Pulsefire
rift hospital Surgeon Shen Charity profileicon Rift Hospital
rift quest Universe Default icon Rift Quest
road warrior Universe Default icon Road Warrior
silver age Universe Default icon Silver Age
snowdown showdown skins / snowdown showdown au Snowflake 2018 profileicon Snowdown Showdown skins
soccer cup Hat Trick profileicon Soccer Cup
spirit guard Spirit Phoenix profileicon Spirit Guard
steel legion Universe Default icon Steel Legion
steel valkyries Exosuit- Scarlet Fair profileicon Steel Valkyries
storybook Universe Default icon Storybook
sugar rush Candy-coated Cupcake profileicon Sugar Rush
super galaxy Super Galaxy profileicon Super Galaxy
thunder lord Universe Default icon Thunder Lord
toy box Universe Default icon Toy Box
traditional Universe Default icon Traditional
winter sports Universe Default icon Winter Sports
woad tribe Universe Default icon Woad Tribe
wonders of the world Universe Default icon Wonders of the World
world championship 2017 Worlds Master Pass profileicon World Championship
worldbreaker Universe Default icon Worldbreaker
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