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Displays the icon and name of a Universe.

{{univ|<faction name>}}

input output
Main Universes
Runeterra Prime linkRuneterra Prime (Universe) Runeterra Prime
Blood Moon linkBlood Moon (Universe) Blood Moon
Event Horizon (NOT Cosmic or Dark Star) linkEvent Horizon (Universe) Event Horizon
High Noon / High Noon Gothic linkHigh Noon (Universe) High Noon / linkHigh Noon Gothic (Universe) High Noon Gothic
Music skins universe linkMusic skins (Universe) Music skins
Odyssey linkOdyssey (Universe) Odyssey
Pulsefire linkPulsefire (Universe) Pulsefire
The Ruined King Saga linkThe Ruined King Saga (Universe) The Ruined King Saga / linkRuined (Universe) Ruined / linkSentinels (Universe) Sentinels
Spirit Blossom linkSpirit Blossom (Universe) Spirit Blossom
Star Guardian linkStar Guardian (Universe) Star Guardian
Other universes
Runeterra Legacy linkRuneterra Legacy (Universe) Runeterra Legacy
Teamfight Tactics Prime linkTeamfight Tactics Prime (Universe) Teamfight Tactics Prime
Academy linkAcademy (Universe) Academy
Albion linkAlbion (Universe) Albion
Anniversary linkAnniversary (Universe) Anniversary
Arcade linkArcade (Universe) Arcade
Arcanists linkArcanists (Universe) Arcanists
Arclight linkArclight (Universe) Arclight
Astronauts linkAstronauts (Universe) Astronauts
Battle Academia linkBattle Academia (Universe) Battle Academia
Battlecast linkBattlecast (Universe) Battlecast
Battle Queens linkBattle Queens (Universe) Battle Queens
Bees! linkBees! (Universe) Bees!
Bilgewater AU / bilgewater skins linkBilgewater AU (Universe) Bilgewater AU
Bloodstone linkBloodstone (Universe) Bloodstone
Cats vs Dogs linkCats vs Dogs (Universe) Cats vs Dogs
Chaos and Order linkChaos and Order (Universe) Chaos and Order
Chosen and Forsaken linkChosen and Forsaken (Universe) Chosen and Forsaken
Commando linkCommando (Universe) Commando
Cops and Robbers linkCops and Robbers (Universe) Cops and Robbers
Cottontail linkCottontail (Universe) Cottontail
Crimson Elite linkCrimson Elite (Universe) Crimson Elite
Culinary Masters linkCulinary Masters (Universe) Culinary Masters
Day Job linkDay Job (Universe) Day Job
Debonair linkDebonair (Universe) Debonair
Definitely Not linkDefinitely Not (Universe) Definitely Not
Demacia Vice linkDemacia Vice (Universe) Demacia Vice
Demonic linkDemonic (Universe) Demonic
Dragonmancers linkDragonmancers (Universe) Dragonmancers
Dragon World linkDragon World (Universe) Dragon World
Dreadknights linkDreadknights (Universe) Dreadknights
Dunkmaster linkDunkmaster (Universe) Dunkmaster
Eclipse linkEclipse (Universe) Eclipse
Elementalist linkElementalist (Universe) Elementalist
Eternum linkEternum (Universe) Eternum
Fables linkFables (Universe) Fables
Forgotten Depths linkForgotten Depths (Universe) Forgotten Depths
Freljord AU / Freljord skins linkFreljord AU (Universe) Freljord AU
Galactic linkGalactic (Universe) Galactic
Glacial linkGlacial (Universe) Glacial
Goth linkGoth (Universe) Goth
Guardian of the Sands linkGuardian of the Sands (Universe) Guardian of the Sands
Harrowing AU/Harrowing skins linkHarrowing AU (Universe) Harrowing AU
Headhunter linkHeadhunter (Universe) Headhunter
Heavy Metal linkHeavy Metal (Universe) Heavy Metal
Hextech skins linkHextech skins (Universe) Hextech skins
High Society linkHigh Society (Universe) High Society
Immortal Journey linkImmortal Journey (Universe) Immortal Journey
Infernal linkInfernal (Universe) Infernal
Invaders linkInvaders (Universe) Invaders
Lancer linkLancer (Universe) Lancer
Lost Empire linkLost Empire (Universe) Lost Empire
Luchador linkLuchador (Universe) Luchador
Lunar Beasts linkLunar Beast (Universe) Lunar Beast
Lunar Revel AU / Lunar Revel skins linkLunar Revel skins (Universe) Lunar Revel skins
Mad Scientists linkMad Scientists (Universe) Mad Scientists
Marauders versus Wardens / Marauders vs Wardens linkMarauders vs Wardens (Universe) Marauders vs Wardens
Mecha linkMecha (Universe) Mecha
Omega Squad linkOmega Squad (Universe) Omega Squad
Omen of the Dark linkOmen of the Dark (Universe) Omen of the Dark
Order of the Lotus linkOrder of the Lotus (Universe) Order of the Lotus
Papercraft linkPapercraft (Universe) Papercraft
Pax linkPAX (Universe) PAX
Piltover Customs linkPiltover Customs (Universe) Piltover Customs
Prehistoric Hunters linkPrehistoric Hunters (Universe) Prehistoric Hunters
PsyOps linkPsyOps (Universe) PsyOps
Rift Hospital linkRift Hospital (Universe) Rift Hospital
Rift Quest linkRift Quest (Universe) Rift Quest
Road Warrior linkRoad Warrior (Universe) Road Warrior
Silver Age linkSilver Age (Universe) Silver Age
Snowdown Showdown skins / Snowdown Showdown AU linkSnowdown Showdown skins (Universe) Snowdown Showdown skins
Soccer Cup linkSoccer Cup (Universe) Soccer Cup
Space Groove linkSpace Groove (Universe) Space Groove
Spirit Guard linkSpirit Guard (Universe) Spirit Guard
Stargazer linkStargazer (Universe) Stargazer
Steel Legion linkSteel Legion (Universe) Steel Legion
Steel Valkyries linkSteel Valkyries (Universe) Steel Valkyries
Storybook linkStorybook (Universe) Storybook
Sugar Rush linkSugar Rush (Universe) Sugar Rush
Super Galaxy linkSuper Galaxy (Universe) Super Galaxy
Thunder Lord linkThunder Lord (Universe) Thunder Lord
Toy Box linkToy Box (Universe) Toy Box
Traditional linkTraditional (Universe) Traditional
Winter Sports linkWinter Sports (Universe) Winter Sports
Woad Tribe linkWoad Tribe (Universe) Woad Tribe
Wonders of the World linkWonders of the World (Universe) Wonders of the World
World Championship linkWorld Championship (Universe) World Championship
Worldbreaker linkWorldbreaker (Universe) Worldbreaker