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Adds the username of the registered user viewing the page into the page, so that with the sentences:

  • You is the best. Userpage's userpage is good too. The user reading will always see a compliment directed toward them and their userpage, no matter who they are.
  • However, if the user is not logged in, then the template will display <insert name here>. You can control this by adding a parameter to the template with a value of the default text. For example, {{USERNAME|me}} outputs "me" if the user is not logged in.
Code Gives
[[Special:Mypage|{{USERNAME}}]] <insert name here>
[[Special:Mytalk|{{USERNAME}}'s talkpage]] <insert name here>'s talkpage
[[Special:Mycontributions|{{USERNAME}}'s Contribs]] <insert name here>'s Contribs

Although this template can be used as a greeting in the user's home page, please use this template sparingly. Misuse of it (including, but not limited to, adding {{USERNAME}} is "insert insult here" to pages) may result in a ban.

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