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This template converts Template:Tip data information into a format that can be inserted into articles, such as Types of Crowd Control.

Basic Example


{{tip info|airborne}}

Creates this:

EditA unit that is knocked airborne is made so alongside undergoing a forced displacement in a specified direction or to a specific point or for a set duration at its current location, during which it is also unable to control its movement, declare attacks, cast abilities, activate items or use the summoner spells summoner spells Flash Flash, Teleport Teleport, Hexflash Hexflash, and Mark Mark / Dash Dash.
Airborne is an Stun icon.png immobilizing effect.

Interrupts: Interrupts attack windups (excluding Excessive Force 2.png uncancelable windups), and all Channeling icon.png channeled and charged abilities. The accompanying displacement interrupts all Dash.png dashes and overrides previous airborne effects.
Reduction: The duration of airborne and its forced movement execution time is unaffected by Tenacity icon.png Tenacity.
Resist: Resisted by Cc-immune icon.png crowd control immunity, Unstoppable icon.png displacement immunity, and Dr. Mundo's Dr. Mundo's Goes Where He Pleases Goes Where He Pleases.
Removal: The forced movement that comes with airborne effects cannot be removed by cleanses, which innately disables attacking and moving and can be overridden by Dash.png dashing or Flash.png blinking. Remove Scurvy.png Cleansing effects, with the exceptions of Cleanse Cleanse, Mikael's Blessing Mikael's Blessing, and Quicksilver Sash item.png Quicksilver, remove the airborne status effect.

Another example:

EditGain 1 Gold 1 for each nearby minion killed by an ally (1400 range).

Gain Gold Gold Gold when hitting an enemy champion with a basic attack or an ability that applies on-hit effects. This has a 5 second per-target cooldown.

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