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Displays the stat icon and its name, with the image linking to the related page.

{{sti|<Stat name>}}
{{sti|ability power}} Ability power icon ability power
{{sti|attack damage}} Attack damage icon attack damage
{{sti|attack speed}} Attack speed icon attack speed
{{sti|critical strike chance}} Critical strike chance icon critical strike chance
{{sti|critical strike damage}} Critical strike damage icon critical strike damage
{{sti|armor penetration}} Armor penetration icon armor penetration
{{sti|magic penetration}} Magic penetration icon magic penetration
{{sti|life steal}} Life steal icon life steal
{{sti|spell vamp}} Spell vamp icon spell vamp
{{sti|heal and shield power}} Heal powerHybrid resistances icon heal and shield power
{{sti|heal power}} Heal power heal power
{{sti|shield power}} Hybrid resistances icon shield power
{{sti|healing}} Heal power healing
{{sti|shield}} Hybrid resistances icon shield
{{sti|health regeneration}} Health regeneration icon health regeneration
{{sti|health}} Health icon health
{{sti|armor}} Armor icon armor
{{sti|magic resistance}} Magic resistance icon magic resistance
{{sti|slow resist}} Slow immune icon slow resist
{{sti|tenacity}} Tenacity icon tenacity
{{sti|cooldown reduction}} Cooldown reduction icon cooldown reduction
{{sti|energy regeneration}} Energy regeneration icon energy regeneration
{{sti|energy}} Energy icon energy
{{sti|mana regeneration}} Mana regeneration icon mana regeneration
{{sti|mana}} Mana icon mana
{{sti|experience}} Experience icon experience
{{sti|gold generation}} Gold icon gold generation
{{sti|movement speed}} Movement speed icon movement speed
{{sti|range}} Range icon range
{{sti|true damage}} Hybrid penetration icon true damage
{{sti|adaptive damage}} Ability powerAttack damage adaptive damage
{{sti|foobar}}  foobar
{{sti|mana|icononly=true}} Mana icon
{{sti|mana|link=true}} or {{stil|mana}} Mana icon mana
{{sti|bonus AD}} Attack damage icon bonus AD
{{as|{{sti|total '''bonus''' AD}}}} Attack damage icon total bonus AD
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