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Clairvoyance ClairvoyanceCooldown: 60 seconds
Range: Global
Sight icon Reveals an area of the map for 5 seconds.
Summoner level: 8Maps: STC

This template contains various independently retrievable data items about Clairvoyance in the form of parameter values of a variable template of choice, in a standardized fashion.

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Parameter Value Description
1 Clairvoyance Necessary: Used for identification.
disp_name Name of the spell
Only necessary if the value differs from Clairvoyance.
Traits of the spell
maps STC Availability of the spell. Valid values: A combination of the letters STHN.
S = Summoner's Rift, T = Twisted Treeline, 'H' = Howling Abyss, 'N' = Nexus Blitz

Defaults to Common.
effects Sight icon Reveals an area of the map for 5 seconds. Effects
effects2 Effects 2
cd 60 Cooldown
recharge Recharge time
range Global Range
stealth No Breaks stealth?
level 8 Summoner level requirements

All spell data templates use the same parameter.


Until here the documentation is automatically generated by Template:Spell data.

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