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This template creates a custom text, centered, followed by an OGG audio file directly underneath it. This is meant to be used to place the login themes on champion pages, but can also be used for other OGG files.


Type {{login theme|<File name>|<Caption>}} or {{lt|<File name>|<Caption>}} where you want to add the file and text. Note, however that since the template will place the elements in the center of the page, it cannot be used to integrate the caption and file within text.

It is possible to use a third parameter to add some more information about the file. To do so, use {{login theme|<File name>|<Caption>|<Extra text>}} or {{lt|<File name>|<Caption>|<Extra text>}}.

  • {{lt|<Diana LoginTheme>|<Diana's Theme>|<Lyrics can go here>}}
Diana's Theme
Lyrics can go here
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