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Stat-Stick of Stoicism
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Stat-Stick of Stoicism item Stat-Stick of Stoicism Gold 7437
Ability power: +120  
Armor: +30  
Attack damage: +70  
Attack speed: +50%  
Cooldown reduction: +20%  
Crit chance: +30%  
Movement speed: +10%  
Health: +250  
Health regen: +100%  
Life steal: +10%  
Magic resist: +30  
Mana: +250  
Mana regen: +100%  
Recipe B. F. Sword item + Vampiric Scepter item + Zeal item + Needlessly Large Rod item + Kindlegem item + Aegis of the Legion item + Gold 687

This template contains various independently retrievable data items about Stat-Stick of Stoicism in the form of parameter values of a variable template of choice, in a standardized fashion.



Parameter Value Description
1 Stat-Stick of Stoicism Necessary: Used for identification.
disp_name Name of the item
Only necessary if the value differs from Stat-Stick of Stoicism.
champion Only necessary for exclusive items!
Traits of the item
maps N Availability of the item Valid values: A combination of the letters STHN.
S = Summoners Rift, T = Twisted Treeline, H = Howling Abyss, N = Nexus Blitz

Defaults to Common.
altmaps Other maps
caption "What if we only bought some of the stats?"
"Declined, we must have ALL of them."
Official caption Only if available!
tier Tier 3 Classification of the tier item Valid values: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5
type Tier 3 Item's type, if it's not a standard item Valid values: Starter, Distributed, Consumable, Advanced Consumable, Basic Trinket, Advanced Trinket, Enchantment
Can also be two values, for example: Consumable, Distributed
consume Effect 1 of the consumable item Only if the item is consumable.
consume2 Effect 2 of the consumable item Only if the item is consumable.
ap 120 Ability power Values can be empty if the item does not grant the effect.
armor 30 Armor
rpen Armor penetration (%)
ad 70 Attack damage
as 50 Attack speed (%)
cdr 20 Cooldown reduction (%)
cdrunique UNIQUE Cooldown reduction (%)
crit 30 Critical strike chance (%)
critunique UNIQUE Critical strike chance (%)
gp10 Gold per 10 seconds
hsp UNIQUE Heal and shield power (%)
health 250 Life
hp5 100 Health regeneration (%)
hp5flat Health regeneration (flat)
lifesteal 10 Life steal (%)
mpen Magic penetration (%)
mr 30 Magic resistance
mana 250 Mana
mp5 100 Mana regeneration (%)
mp5flat Mana regeneration (flat)
ms 10 Movement speed (%)
msunique UNIQUE Movement speed (%)
msflat Movement speed (flat)
spec Other effects (e.g. Mana per level)
spec2 Other effects 2
pass Passive 1
pass2 Passive 2
pass3 Passive 3
pass4 Passive 4
pass5 Passive 5
act Active
aura Aura 1
aura2 Aura 2
aura3 Aura 3
noe No effects. If the item has no effects, set the value to true.
recipe B. F. Sword item B. F. Sword,
Vampiric Scepter item Vampiric Scepter,
Zeal item Zeal,
Needlessly Large Rod item Needlessly Large Rod
Components of the item Use , to separate the values!
builds Builds into these items Use , to separate the values!
buy 7437 Buy price
comb 687 Combination cost
sell 5206 Sell price
code 4403 Itemcode
limit Limitations of the item
req Requirements of the item.
hp Hitpoints e.g. Hitpoints of Wards
menu1a Attack Menu 1 e.g. Attack
menu1b Attack Speed Submenu 1 e.g. Attack Speed
menu2a Attack Menu 2 e.g. Magic
menu2b Damage Submenu 2 e.g. Ability Power
menu3a Defense Menu 3 e.g. Movement
menu3b Health Submenu 3 e.g. Other Movement Items
menu4a Magic Menu 4
menu4b Cooldown Reduction Submenu 4
menu5a Magic Menu
menu5b Mana Submenu
menu6a Movement Menu
menu6b Other Movement Items Submenu 6
menu7a Menu 7
menu7b Submenu 7
removed true If the item is removed from game, set the value to true. Value can be empty.
nickname debug Nicknames or abbreviations

All item data templates use the same parameter.

Retrieval of data items

{{data Stat-Stick of Stoicism|pst2|as_base}}, using parameter selection template Template:Pst2, gives the parameter as_base, etc.

For retrieval of more data items it is more efficient to prepare a template for that, to be used as follows:

{{data Stat-Stick of Stoicism|template name|..|..|..|..}}

so that this data template needs to be called only once.[1] The default template is Template:Item data, producing this page.

The four parameters are optional, they are passed on to the prepared template as parameters 2-5.

A parameter being undefined or empty typically means the same, see below. {{data ..|pst2|..}} gives the empty string and the text "{{{..}}}", respectively. Therefore, an application checking the parameter has to check both. Checking whether a result is equal to e.g. the text "{{{popinc}}}" cannot be done directly with #ifeq in a template which itself has also a parameter with that name, because if that is defined, there would be a comparison with the value instead of the text itself. Instead, it can be checked whether the first character of the result is "{", e.g.: {{#ifeq:{{padleft:|1|{{data {{{continent}}}|pst2|popinc}}}}|{|..|..}}. Until here the documentation is automatically generated by Template:Item data.


  1. See the first two rows of the first table in m:Help:Array#Summary of counts for template limits.
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