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{{Infotip|Critical Strike}}

Critical strike icon
Critical strike

Critical Strike refers to an effect that deals increased damage under specific circumstances. The most common form of critical strike occur on Basic Attack basic attacks, which trigger based on Critical strike chance icon critical strike chance, dealing a default of 200% damage. Some abilities can also critically strike.

Note that a critical strike is distinct from other damage modifiers since it has complimentary stats and effects. For example:


Marksman icon

Marksmen (formerly "Carries") excel at dealing reliable sustained damage at range (usually through basic attacks) while constantly skirting the edge of danger. Although Marksmen have the ability to stay relatively safe by kiting their foes, they are very fragile and are extremely reliant on powerful item purchases to become true damage threats.

At present, Marksmen do not have any official subclasses. The following have been considered:

  • Demolisher
  • Scrapper

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