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This is a version of Template:Hidden but with top-bottom borders.

This template creates a dynamic navigation box. It displays the first parameter (the heading) between two borders, one at the top and another at the bottom, with a [show] link on the right. If [show] is clicked by the user, the second parameter (the body) is displayed below the heading, between the borders, and the [show] link becomes [hide]. Clicking on [hide] then hides the body again and the [hide] link becomes [show] again.


Name Accepted parameters Notes
width custom input Sets the width of the box.
bordercolor custom hexcode Sets the hexcode color of the borders, no # required. Defaults to #BBB
align custom input Sets the text alignment. Defaults to left.
{{{1}}} show
custom input
Sets whether to NOT automatically collapse, and writes the header text. Writing show will prevent automatic collapsing. Defining <header> will overwrite the header, and is recommended.
header custom input Writes the header text, which is '''bolded''' for clarity. If undefined, will write <{{{1}}}>.
content custom input Writes the content within the collapsed section. This can be written in <{{{2}}}>.


|Title text here
|align= center
|Body text line 1<br>Body text line 2

Title text here

Body text line 1
Body text line 2

|Title text here
|header= jklol
|bordercolor= C8AA6E
|width= 50%
|content= Body text line 1<br>Body text line 2


Body text line 1
Body text line 2

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