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It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.



This template takes in two lines of text and will only visually display one of them, switching to the hidden line if the visible line is clicked. It can accept all strings and other templates, but all instances of this template will update simultaneously on the same page.


{{ft|First Line of Text|Second Line of Text}}


{{ft|text1=First Line of Text|text2=Second Line of Text}}


「 First Line of Text 」「 Second Line of Text 」


Multiple instances of this template will not update concurrently and can be controlled individually.

  • 「 This is the second instance of this template. 」「 This is the second instance of this template, flipped. 」
  • 「 This is the third instance of this template. 」「 This is the third instance of this template, flipped. 」

Standard Practice

Within the champion abilities, please only use FlipText in the following circumstances:

  • Two ways of presenting the same information
    • Applied Damage Over Times - e.g. Noxious Blast Noxious Blast: 「 Per Instance 」「 Total Damage 」 or Ranger's Focus Ranger's Focus: 「 Per Attack 」「 Total Damage 」.
    • Complicated scalings/formulas - e.g. 「 (+1% per X AP) 」「 (+X% per 100 AP) 」.
    • Shortening/expanding scalings/formulas - e.g. Arcane Mastery Arcane Mastery: 「 20 + (5 × Ryze's level) 」「 25 − 110 (based on level) 」
  • Self-Modifiers - e.g. Fizz's Fizz's abilities with and without Chum the Waters Chum the Waters
  • Hide information irrelevant to gameplay - e.g. Zyra's Zyra's Rampant Growth Rampant Growth cooldown is affected by its own passive reduction (「 16.7 / 15.4 / 14.1 / 12.9 / 11.7 second cooldown 」「 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 / 13 」).

Do not use it for the following:

  • Different damage to secondary targets - e.g. Enchanted Crystal Arrow's Enchanted Crystal Arrow's damage to main target and secondary targets.
  • Persistent/tethered damage over times - e.g. Drain Drain or Tormented Soil Tormented Soil. Essentially, the difference between "total damage" and "maximum potential damage".
  • Essential, non-derivative information.

Use your discretion. When in doubt - if you're hiding useful information then don't use this template. This template is for presenting alternate information, not for reducing content.