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This is a shorthand template for linking to articles on another fandom (aka wiki) beyond of the League of Legends Wiki. Full URLs affect web tracking in a way that FANDOM doesn't want and so you're discouraged from using full URLs to link between Fandoms.

You may use either {{fandom}} or {{f}} to access this template.

To link to a fandom, simply use:

{{f|<fandom name>}}

{{f|<worm>}} -> Worm Wiki

The word "Wiki" is automatically added.

To link to an article, the template syntax is:

{{f|<fandom name>|<article title>}}

{{f|<Marvel>|<Hulk>}} -> Hulk

To link to an article by name but showing different inline text while linking to it, the template syntax is:

{{f|<fandom name>|<article title>|<desired link text>}}

{{f|<lol>|<Ahri>|<Ahri (Esports)>}} -> Ahri (Esports)

(yes, we've complained that the esports gamepedia was given this url when they were migrated to fandom)

The order of unnamed variables is important - i.e. 1:Fandom, 2:Article name and 3:Alttext is important. Named parameters can be inserted anywhere in the sequence. If you wish to change the alttext for a link to a Fandom, you will need to specify that the second parameter that you're providing should be treated as the third.

{{f|<Sonic>|<3=The Sonic Universe>}} -> The Sonic Universe

To link to a different language wiki, the template syntax is:

{{f|<fandom name>|<article name>|<lang=language code>}}

{{f|<League of Legends>|<Ahri>|<lang=de>|<Ahri (DE)>}} -> Ahri (DE)

Error handling
  • This template will automatically remove spaces from the "fandom name" - so you can put "League of Legends" or "leagueoflegends".
  • This template will automatically substitute spaces with underscores in article name - so you can put "The Hulk" or "The_Hulk".

Article names are case sensitive and there is no automation available. Different communities have different standards for naming their articles, and so we cannot automatically determine whether "List of champions" and "List of Champions" would be the valid article name on our end.

See also
  • {{w}}, a link to a Wikipedia article.