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This template contains various independently retrievable data items about Garen OriginalSquare Garen's Judgment Judgment in the form of parameter values of a variable template of choice, in a standardized fashion.



Active: Garen becomes Ghost ghosted and rapidly spins his sword around his body 7 − ∞ (based on bonus attack speed) times over 3 seconds, dealing physical damage with each spin to nearby enemies. Judgment can Critical strike icon critically strike for (33% + Infinity Edge item 25%) bonus physical damage. The total damage is increased by 50% against non-epic Monster icon monsters. After 1 second, Judgment can be reactivated.

Physical Damage Per Spin:
4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 (+ 0 − 8.2 (based on level)) (+ 32 / 34 / 36 / 38 / 40% AD)
Nearest Enemy Damage Per Spin:
5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 (+ 0 − 10.25 (based on level)) (+ 40 / 42.5 / 45 / 47.5 / 50% AD)
Judgment 3

The nearest enemy is dealt 25% bonus damage per spin. Enemy champions hit 6 times have their Armor penetration icon armor reduced by 25% for 6 seconds. Hits after the 6th refresh the duration of the debuff.

Judgment 2

Recast: Garen ends Judgment early, reducing its Cooldown reduction icon cooldown by its remaining duration.

  • The initial casts count as an ability activation for the purposes of on-cast effects such as Spellblade, charging Spellbinder item Spellbinder, and stacking Force Pulse Force Pulse.
    • Deactivating the ability manually does not.
  • Each spin triggers a stack of Conqueror rune Conqueror.
  • Silence icon Silencing Garen will prevent him from deactivating the ability early.
  • Judgment cancels Garen's last movement command upon ending.
  • Each spin deals damage simultaneously to all enemies within its range when the spin is completed.
  • The spin animation is capped at once per 0.2 seconds, but the amount of ticks will keep on scaling.
  • The armor reduction stacks multiplicatively with other percentage armor penetration effects.
Attacking Disabled
Abilities Decisive Strike Decisive Strike and Courage Courage are usable. Demacian Justice Demacian Justice interrupts.
Movement Allowed
Items Usable All items are usable
Disabled N/A
Interrupted by N/A
Consumables Usable
Spells Usable Barrier Barrier Clarity Clarity Cleanse Cleanse Exhaust Exhaust Ghost Ghost Heal Heal Ignite Ignite Smite Smite Flash Flash Teleport Teleport Hexflash Hexflash
Disabled Recall Recall
Interrupted by N/A
Interrupted by
  • Death
  • Map-Specific Differences
    The Thinking Manatee profileicon Ultra Rapid Fire differences:
    • Can not stack spin casts.

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    Parameter Value Description
    1 Judgment Necessary: Used for identification.
    disp_name Name of the ability
    Only necessary if the value differs from Judgment.
    champion Garen champion
    skill E skill
    range range (deprecated)
    target range target range
    attack range attack range
    travel distance travel distance
    collision radius collision radius
    effect radius 325 effect radius
    width width
    angle angle
    inner radius inner radius
    tether radius tether radius
    speed speed
    cast time cast time
    cost cost
    costtype costtype
    static static
    cooldown 9 cooldown
    ontargetcd ontargetcd
    ontargetcdstatic ontargetcdstatic
    recharge recharge
    rechargestatic rechargestatic
    customlabel customlabel
    custominfo custominfo
    icon Judgment.png icon
    blurb Garen performs a dance of death with his sword, dealing damage around him for the duration and shredding the armor of enemy champions hit. blurb
    description Active: Garen rapidly spins his sword around his body for 3 seconds. description
    leveling leveling
    icon2 icon2
    description2 For the duration, Garen cannot basic attack, is Ghost ghosted and deals physical damage 「 in 5 − 10 (based on level) spins 」「 every 0.6 − 0.3 (based on level) seconds 」 to enemies within range, increased by 33% when damaging a single enemy. description2
    Physical Damage Per Spin:
    14 / 18 / 22 / 26 / 30 (+ 36 / 37 / 38 / 39 / 40% AD)
    Enhanced Damage Per Spin:
    18.62 / 23.94 / 29.26 / 34.58 / 39.9 (+ 47.88 / 49.21 / 50.54 / 51.87 / 53.2% AD)
    icon3 icon3
    description3 Judgment can Critical strike icon critically strike, dealing 50% (50% + Infinity Edge item 12.5%) bonus damage. description3
    leveling3 leveling3
    icon4 icon4
    description4 Enemy champions hit 4 times have their armor reduced by 25% for 6 seconds. Hits after the 4th refresh the duration of the debuff. description4
    leveling4 leveling4
    icon5 Judgment 2.png icon5
    description5 After 1 second, Garen can reactivate to cancel it immediately, reducing its cooldown by its remaining duration. description5
    leveling5 leveling5
    targeting None Permafrost is a single target ability.
    affects Enemies Permafrost affects enemy champions and large monsters
    damagetype Physical Permafrost deals magic damage.
    spelleffects Area of effect spelleffects
    onhiteffects onhiteffects can be set to 'true', for abilities that apply on-hit effects (from items or other abilities)
    occurrence occurrence can either be set to 'hit' or 'attack', and refers to on-hit effects
    spellshield False spellshield can either be set to true, or written with a custom description.
    projectile true
    callforhelp callforhelp determines whether minion aggro will transfer to the caster
    additional Displays additional information in a smaller window below the template.
    notes * Judgment is not a channeled ability, so crowd control effects will not interrupt it.
      • Silencing Garen will prevent him from deactivating the ability early.
    • Garen will benefit from Decisive Strike Decisive Strike's slow removal and bonus movement speed while Judgment is active.
    • Judgment cancels Garen's last movement command upon ending.
      • He will not be able to apply its on-hit silence or bonus damage since he cannot basic attack over Judgment's duration.
    • Garen may cast Demacian Justice Demacian Justice while Judgment is active but it will stop ticking if so.
    • Judgment's maximum damage is 372.4 / 478.8 / 585.2 / 691.6 / 798 (+ 957.6 / 984.2 / 1010.8 / 1037.4 / 1064% AD). It requires a level 16 or higher Garen, at least one Infinity Edge item Infinity Edge, and all 10 spins have to Critical strike icon critically strike on one isolated target.
    • Each spin deals damage simultaneously to all enemies within its range when the spin is completed.
    Displays additional information with effect table to the right.
    flavorsound flavor sound
    video video
    video2 video 2
    yvideo Garen - E YouTube video
    yvideo2 YouTube video 2

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