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Create an in-text icon-link with tooltip that displays splash art pictures of a champion along with additional details about the latest iteration.


{{csl|<Champion>|<Skin name>|<optional displayed name>}}
(circle=true by default)



{{csl|Taric|circle = false}}




{{csl|Amumu|Emumu|Emo Amumu}}

{{csl|<Champion>|<Skin name>|<chromas = chromas>|<chromaonly = chromaonly>}}

{{csl|Lucian|Original|chromas = Blue, Yellow}}

{{csl|Lucian|Original|chromas = true|chromasonly = true}}

  • Chromaskins.png Chromas: Blue, Red, Yellow

To adjust splash version, define a variant:
{{csl|<Champion>|<Skin name>|<variant = variant>}}

To add links to the associated files: {{csl|Ahri|Popstar|ref = true}}

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