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This template returns a champion's biographic infobox.
It works on 3 levels:
  1. It will attempt to automatically fill in information using the Category:Data templates.
  2. Any input parameters will override that information
  3. If neither parameters nor known information are found, the fields will be hidden.
The only parameter that is required is the champion's name.
{{Champion bio|Xerath}}

You can use additional parameters to replace statistics of an existing champion.
{{Champion bio|Xerath
|render=[[File:Syndra Render.png|link=|215px]]
|birthplace=Totally not Shurima

Full Parameter List
Parameters should be added in the order as shown bellow.
{{Champion bio|(Champions Name)
|render =
|real_name = 
|nickname = 
|alias = 
|race =
|pronoun =
|age =
|weapon =
|status =
|birthplace =
|residence =
|family =
|pet =
|occupation =
|region =
|faction =
|related =
Input Parameters
This template will try to use any of the following parameters.
{{Champion bio
|disp_name    = Bob      
|render       = [[File:Dr. Mundo Render.png|link=|215px]]
|alias        = *The Doctor
*The Butcher
*Burger Eater
|pronoun      = Masculine
|race         = Mundo
|birthplace   = Mundo's mum
|residence    = Wherever he pleases.
|family       = {{tt|{{ci|Dr. Mundo}}|Himself}}
|occupation   = Whatever he pleases.
|faction      = However he pleases.
|related      = Dr. Mundo 

Following pronouns are the most commonly used in lore such as bios or short stories. Any other pronoun used is specific to an individual character.
  • He/Him
  • She/Her
  • They/Them
  • It
Ideal placement of Family for example:
  • Father (including step-fathers or adopted fathers)
  • Mother (including step-mothers or adopted mothers)
  • Brother (including step-brothers or adopted brothers)
  • Sister (including step-sisters or adopted sisters)
  • Spouse
  • Son (including step-sons or adopted sons)
  • Daughter (including step-daughters or adopted daughters)
  • Distant Relatives (Ancient Ancestors, Grandfathers, Uncles, Nieces,...)
Only to add mentioned relatives, despite if they have their names mentioned or not. As well as place full names if possible.
Default Values
If no parameters are given, or if the champion isn't in Category:Data templates, the fields will be hidden or replaced with "?".
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