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This is the formatting for everything that is printed over Template:Ability frame. See Template:Ability for practical usage.



Most parameters are meant to contain numbers. Characteristics that involve distance are measured in units.

Name Accepted parameters Notes
skill custom input Indicates the skill order (Q, W, E, R).
custom input Changes the display name. <disp_name> takes priority.
range custom input TBD
cast time custom input Indicates cast time.
target range custom input Indicates targeting range of an aimed ability.
collision radius custom input Indicates the radius of an ability that can be collided. This is distinct from width.
effect radius custom input Indicates the radius of an effect.
angle custom input Indicates the angle size of a conic area of effect.
inner radius custom input Indicates the inner radius of an ability that might be subject to additional effects.
tether radius custom input Tether radius.
width custom input Indicates the width of an elongated ability. This is distinct from radius.
speed custom input Indicates the speed of the ability's displacement.
cost custom input Indicates the resource cost.
costtype custom input Indicates the resource used.
cooldown custom input Indicates cooldown time.
static custom input Indicates static cooldown time that is not affected by Cooldown reduction.
ontargetcd custom input Indicates on-target cooldown time.
ontargetcdstatic custom input Indicates on-target static cooldown time that is not affected by cooldown reduction.
recharge custom input Indicates recharge timer for stock abilities.
customlabel custom input Custom top bar label.
custominfo custom input Custom info for customlabel
icon# custom input.png
Renders an inline icon to the left of the enumerated description, generates a default icon for icon1 if it is undefined. The image must be .png format.
description# custom input Writes a description. Multiple descriptions are broken into paragraphs.
leveling custom input Indicates the numbers of the leveling values. Usually occupied with Template:St.
flavortext custom input Writes quoted flavor text at the bottom left.
flavorsound Template:sm2 Writes a voiceover line. Will move right if flavortext is defined.

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