Monsters are neutral enemies show up in PvE rounds in the Teamfight Tactics game modes. They can have the appearance of Red Minions or Monsters in other game modes.


Just like normal rounds, if the player champions cannot kill the enemies, the player Little Legends will take damage. However, unlike PvP rounds, the player know which monster they will be face, indicated by the round logo in the stage tracker.

Killing a monster has a chance to drop an What's in the Box profileicon mystery box, with at least one is guaranteed by winning a PvE round. Inside a mystery box can have an item. The stronger the monster, the higher chance it will drop an item. In the event that you do not get an item during a PvE round, one of the minions, monsters, or epic monsters will drop Gold gold instead. All epic monsters mystery box contains a combined item.

Each monster round has a different mechanic. Knowing the mechanics allow players to prepare position and champions better.

Round List

This is the list of PVE rounds.

Round Event / Enemies
1 Red Siege MinionSquare 2 melee minions 1 Star
2 Red Siege MinionSquare 2 melee minions and 1 ranged minion 1 Star
3 Red Siege MinionSquare 2 melee minions and 2 ranged minions 1 Star
9 Ancient KrugSquare 3 Krugs 1 Star
15 Murk WolfSquare 1 Greater Murk Wolf and 4 Murk Wolves 1 Star
21 Crimson RaptorSquare 1 Crimson Raptor and 4 Raptors 1 Star
27 DragonSquare 1 Dragon 1 Star
33 Rift HeraldSquare 1 Rift Herald 3 Star
39 Elder DragonSquare 1 Elder Dragon 3 Star

Minions Rounds

Minions appear in the first three rounds.

  • Red Melee MinionSquare Melee Minion
  • Red Caster MinionSquare Ranged Minion

Monster Rounds

  • Krugs
    • 3 Ancient KrugSquare Ancient Krugs spawn, 2 on the left side and 1 on the right side. Whenever one Krug is defeated the other Krugs regain full health. Grievous Wounds icon Grievous Wounds prevents the Krugs from regaining full health.
    • The best strategy is to place your team on the right to kill the Krug that is alone first. Remember to place Assassin TFT icon Assassins on the left so that they jump on the right Krug.
  • Wolves
    • 1 Greater Murk WolfSquare Greater Murk Wolf and 4 Murk WolfSquare Murk Wolves spawn, the whole pack spawns in the right side. At the start of combat, Wolves stealth for a short duration and jump behind the farthest enemy.
    • Note: if all champions on the other side of the board are all Assassin TFT icon Assassins, everyone will stealth for short duration and no one will jump.
  • Raptors
    • 1 Crimson RaptorSquare Crimson Raptor and 4 RaptorSquare Raptors spawn. Whenever one Raptor is defeated, all the other Raptors become Crimson RaptorSquare Crimson Raptors, becoming stronger each time and gaining attack speed.

Epic Monster Rounds

Epic monsters always have a combined item equipped and benefit from that item.

  • Rift Herald
    • 1 Rift HeraldSquare Rift Herald spawns. At the start of combat, the Rift Herald charges to the back line, before starting to attack.
  • Dragon / Elder Dragon
    • DragonSquare Dragon and Elder DragonSquare Elder Dragon attack from a distance and deal damage to all targets in a cone. Player should split your teams to reduce incoming damage.

Patch History

  • Removed: Dragon and Elder Dragon no longer benefit from the Dragon TFT icon Dragon trait bonuses.
  • Added: Monsters will now drop gold if monsters do not drop any item.
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