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Little Legends

Little Legends are the avatars of the player in the Teamfight Tactics game mode. Additionally, a player's Little Legend will follow their champion on the Howling Abyss icon Howling Abyss. All players have the River Sprite River Sprite as their default Little Legend.

Key Words

  • Variants: To bring in that feeling that comes with getting rare things, the game mode launches six variants (including the basic version) of each species. Some of these variants are rarer than others, and you don't have to own the basic version of a species to get its rarer variants. [1]
    • Base (same rarity with Rare, can be directly purchased)
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
  • Series Eggs: There will be two varieties of Series Eggs you can buy. Each egg contains six variants of each species within it, including the species’ base variant, so there are 18 total variants that can be hatched out of each egg type.
  • Star-Ups: Collecting multiples of the same Little Legend variant will star-up and "evolve" your Little Legend, just as collecting multiples of a champion in TFT increases their star level. Each duplicate of a Little Legends variant you acquired increases its star level by one.

Little Legends Variants

Little Legend Variant Rarity

Little Legend Dango profileicon Dango

Base Dango Base Tier 1Dango Base Tier 2Dango Base Tier 3 Rare (Base)
Bubblegum Dango Bubblegum Tier 1Dango Bubblegum Tier 2Dango Bubblegum Tier 3 Rare
Gingersnap Dango Gingersnap Tier 1Dango Gingersnap Tier 2Dango Gingersnap Tier 3 Rare
Lemondrop Dango Lemondrop Tier 1Dango Lemondrop Tier 2Dango Lemondrop Tier 3 Epic
Limeberry Dango Limeberry Tier 1Dango Limeberry Tier 2Dango Limeberry Tier 3 Epic
Sugar Crash Dango Sugar Crash Tier 1Dango Sugar Crash Tier 2Dango Sugar Crash Tier 3 Legendary

Pengu Featherknight profileicon Featherknight

Pengu Featherknight Pengu Tier 1Featherknight Pengu Tier 2Featherknight Pengu Tier 3 Rare (Base)
Cheeper Featherknight Cheeper Tier 1Featherknight Cheeper Tier 2Featherknight Cheeper Tier 3 Rare
Sakura Featherknight Sakura Tier 1Featherknight Sakura Tier 2Featherknight Sakura Tier 3 Rare
Extra Spicy Featherknight Extra Spicy Tier 1Featherknight Extra Spicy Tier 2Featherknight Extra Spicy Tier 3 Epic
True Ice Featherknight True Ice Tier 1Featherknight True Ice Tier 2Featherknight True Ice Tier 3 Epic
Ravenlord Featherknight Ravenlord Tier 1Featherknight Ravenlord Tier 2Featherknight Ravenlord Tier 3 Legendary

Molten Furyhorn profileicon Furyhorn

Molten Furyhorn Molten Tier 1Furyhorn Molten Tier 2Furyhorn Molten Tier 3 Rare (Base)
Lionheart Furyhorn Lionheart Tier 1Furyhorn Lionheart Tier 2Furyhorn Lionheart Tier 3 Rare
Tundra Furyhorn Tundra Tier 1Furyhorn Tundra Tier 2Furyhorn Tundra Tier 3 Rare
Void-marked Furyhorn Void-marked Tier 1Furyhorn Void-marked Tier 2Furyhorn Void-marked Tier 3 Epic
Willowbark Furyhorn Willowbark Tier 1Furyhorn Willowbark Tier 2Furyhorn Willowbark Tier 3 Epic
Sugarcone Furyhorn Sugarcone Tier 1Furyhorn Sugarcone Tier 2Furyhorn Sugarcone Tier 3 Legendary

Little Legend Fuwa profileicon Fuwa

Base Fuwa Base Tier 1Fuwa Base Tier 2Fuwa Base Tier 3 Rare (Base)
Last Wish Fuwa Last Wish Tier 1Fuwa Last Wish Tier 2Fuwa Last Wish Tier 3 Rare
Lovestruck Fuwa Lovestruck Tier 1Fuwa Lovestruck Tier 2Fuwa Lovestruck Tier 3 Rare
Eclipse Fuwa Eclipse Tier 1Fuwa Eclipse Tier 2Fuwa Eclipse Tier 3 Epic
Firecracker Fuwa Firecracker Tier 1Fuwa Firecracker Tier 2Fuwa Firecracker Tier 3 Epic
Daystar Fuwa Daystar Tier 1Fuwa Daystar Tier 2Fuwa Daystar Tier 3 Legendary

Shadow Isles Hauntling profileicon Hauntling

Shadow Isles Hauntling Shadow Isles Tier 1Hauntling Shadow Isles Tier 2Hauntling Shadow Isles Tier 3 Rare (Base)
Fireborn Hauntling Fireborn Tier 1Hauntling Fireborn Tier 2Hauntling Fireborn Tier 3 Rare
Toxic Hauntling Toxic Tier 1Hauntling Toxic Tier 2Hauntling Toxic Tier 3 Rare
Dark Matter Hauntling Dark Matter Tier 1Hauntling Dark Matter Tier 2Hauntling Dark Matter Tier 3 Epic
Lunar Claw Hauntling Lunar Claw Tier 1Hauntling Lunar Claw Tier 2Hauntling Lunar Claw Tier 3 Epic
Shadowmask Hauntling Shadowmask Tier 1Hauntling Shadowmask Tier 2Hauntling Shadowmask Tier 3 Legendary

Moontipped Hushtail profileicon Hushtail

Moontipped Hushtail Moontipped Tier 1Hushtail Moontipped Tier 2Hushtail Moontipped Tier 3 Rare (Base)
Fae Hushtail Fae Tier 1Hushtail Fae Tier 2Hushtail Fae Tier 3 Rare
Mistberry Hushtail Mistberry Tier 1Hushtail Mistberry Tier 2Hushtail Mistberry Tier 3 Rare
Monarch Hushtail Monarch Tier 1Hushtail Monarch Tier 2Hushtail Monarch Tier 3 Epic
Untamed Hushtail Untamed Tier 1Hushtail Untamed Tier 2Hushtail Untamed Tier 3 Epic
Eternal Hushtail Eternal Tier 1Hushtail Eternal Tier 2Hushtail Eternal Tier 3 Legendary

Softnosed Molediver profileicon Molediver

Soft-nosed Molediver Soft-nosed Tier 1Molediver Soft-nosed Tier 2Molediver Soft-nosed Tier 3 Rare (Base)
Blazebattle Molediver Blazebattle Tier 1Molediver Blazebattle Tier 2Molediver Blazebattle Tier 3 Rare
Fresh-water Molediver Fresh-water Tier 1Molediver Fresh-water Tier 2Molediver Fresh-water Tier 3 Rare
Clumsy Molediver Clumsy Tier 1Molediver Clumsy Tier 2Molediver Clumsy Tier 3 Epic
Toxic Molediver Toxic Tier 1Molediver Toxic Tier 2Molediver Toxic Tier 3 Epic
Skydance Molediver Skydance Tier 1Molediver Skydance Tier 2Molediver Skydance Tier 3 Legendary

Jade Paddlemar profileicon Paddlemar

Jade Paddlemar Jade Tier 1Paddlemar Jade Tier 2Paddlemar Jade Tier 3 Rare (Base)
Rosebloom Paddlemar Rosebloom Tier 1Paddlemar Rosebloom Tier 2Paddlemar Rosebloom Tier 3 Rare
Tidepool Paddlemar Tidepool Tier 1Paddlemar Tidepool Tier 2Paddlemar Tidepool Tier 3 Rare
Caldera Paddlemar Caldera Tier 1Paddlemar Caldera Tier 2Paddlemar Caldera Tier 3 Epic
Glamorous Paddlemar Glamorous Tier 1Paddlemar Glamorous Tier 2Paddlemar Glamorous Tier 3 Epic
Yuletide Paddlemar Yuletide Tier 1Paddlemar Yuletide Tier 2Paddlemar Yuletide Tier 3 Legendary

Jeweled Protector profileicon Protector

Jeweled Protector Jeweled Tier 1Protector Jeweled Tier 2Protector Jeweled Tier 3 Rare (Base)
Reigning Protector Reigning Tier 1Protector Reigning Tier 2Protector Reigning Tier 3 Rare
Shadowgem Protector Shadowgem Tier 1Protector Shadowgem Tier 2Protector Shadowgem Tier 3 Rare
Fierce Protector Fierce Tier 1Protector Fierce Tier 2Protector Fierce Tier 3 Epic
Skygem Protector Skygem Tier 1Protector Skygem Tier 2Protector Skygem Tier 3 Epic
Sunborn Protector Sunborn Tier 1Protector Sunborn Tier 2Protector Sunborn Tier 3 Legendary

Sentinel Runespirit profileicon Runespirit

Sentinel Runespirit Sentinel Tier 1Runespirit Sentinel Tier 2Runespirit Sentinel Tier 3 Rare (Base)
Glacial Runespirit Glacial Tier 1Runespirit Glacial Tier 2Runespirit Glacial Tier 3 Rare
Seedling Runespirit Seedling Tier 1Runespirit Seedling Tier 2Runespirit Seedling Tier 3 Rare
Black Mist Runespirit Black Mist Tier 1Runespirit Black Mist Tier 2Runespirit Black Mist Tier 3 Epic
Sakura Runespirit Sakura Tier 1Runespirit Sakura Tier 2Runespirit Sakura Tier 3 Epic
Brambleback Runespirit Brambleback Tier 1Runespirit Brambleback Tier 2Runespirit Brambleback Tier 3 Legendary

Little Legend Shisa profileicon Shisa

Base Shisa Base Tier 1Shisa Base Tier 2Shisa Base Tier 3 Rare (Base)
Heroic Shisa Heroic Tier 1Shisa Heroic Tier 2Shisa Heroic Tier 3 Rare
Littlest Shisa Littlest Tier 1Shisa Littlest Tier 2Shisa Littlest Tier 3 Rare
Firecracker Shisa Firecracker Tier 1Shisa Firecracker Tier 2Shisa Firecracker Tier 3 Epic
Sundrop Shisa Sundrop Tier 1Shisa Sundrop Tier 2Shisa Sundrop Tier 3 Epic
Corrupted Shisa Corrupted Tier 1Shisa Corrupted Tier 2Shisa Corrupted Tier 3 Legendary

Demacian Silverwing profileicon Silverwing

Demacian Silverwing Demacian Tier 1Silverwing Demacian Tier 2Silverwing Demacian Tier 3 Rare (Base)
Dawnglow Silverwing Dawnglow Tier 1Silverwing Dawnglow Tier 2Silverwing Dawnglow Tier 3 Rare
Rosebloom Silverwing Rosebloom Tier 1Silverwing Rosebloom Tier 2Silverwing Rosebloom Tier 3 Rare
Snow Cherry Silverwing Snow Cherry Tier 1Silverwing Snow Cherry Tier 2Silverwing Snow Cherry Tier 3 Epic
Tropical Silverwing Tropical Tier 1Silverwing Tropical Tier 2Silverwing Tropical Tier 3 Epic
Lost Silverwing Lost Tier 1Silverwing Lost Tier 2Silverwing Lost Tier 3 Legendary


Little Legend Eggs is a section in the Hextech Crafting item, and are available to get through Missions or the Riot Store.

Opening a Little Legend Egg will give the player a Little Legend skin. Each egg has a different drop rate and has their own drop pool.

The current three eggs share the same drop rate:

  • Legendary (5% drop rate, 30% chance for double drop).
  • Epic (20% drop rate).
  • Rare (75% drop rate).

Type of Eggs

There are some special rules for "Series" Eggs:[2]

  • Duplicates Star Up: Getting a duplicate variant will cause it to star up by one level. Once a variant reaches 3 stars, it won't hatch from future eggs.
  • New Content with Each Egg: Each egg you hatch will grant you a variant you don't already own, or a star up for a variant you already own.
  • Double Drops: Occasionally, when you receive a Legendary Little Legend, two Little Legends will hatch from a single egg.
  • Rare Egg: If you open a "Series" eggs after you own all variants it contains at 3 stars, it will output a "Little Legend" permanent that can be forged into a "Rare Egg".

Starter Litte Legends Eggs

Starter Little Legends Eggs is one of the rewards for the TFT Beta Pass. Unlike other eggs, this egg shows in the material section in the Hextech Crafting. Once unlock, player can open it directly on the homepage and pick one of the three rewards inside. The rewards are:

  • Teamfight Tactics Silverwing Egg small Demacian Silverwing Egg
  • Teamfight Tactics Runespirit Egg small Sentinel Runespirit Egg
  • Teamfight Tactics Molediver Egg small Soft-nosed Molediver Egg

Series Eggs

Teamfight Tactics 2019 Egg1 Series One Egg:

Teamfight Tactics 2019 Egg2 Series Two Egg:

Teamfight Tactics 2019 Egg3 Series Three Egg:

Teamfight Tactics 2019 Egg4 Series Four Egg:

Rare Eggs

Rare Eggs will output a random variant from any "Series" Egg. The Rare Egg will be updated to contain Little Legends from future "Series" Eggs as they are released.

Egg images


Teamfight Tactics Gameplay Trailer League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics Gameplay Trailer League of Legends

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Patch History

  • Teamfight Tactics 2019 Egg4 Series Four Egg added.
    • Dango, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Fuwa, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Shisa, its base egg and 5 variants added.
  • Teamfight Tactics 2019 Egg3 Series Three Egg added.
    • Paddlemar, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Protector, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Hushtail, its base egg and 5 variants added.
  • Silverwing Tier-3 gets VFX updated.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Little Legends having collision after dying (and subsequently body blocking players in the shared roulette).
  • New command animations are added to Teamfight Tactics
  • Player can now cuddle Little Legends by clicking on them in ARAM.
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