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Taric OriginalSkin
Original Taric View in 3D
RP icon 585 / 18-Aug-2009
Taric ArmoroftheFifthAgeSkin
Armor of the Fifth Age Taric View in 3D
RP icon 750 / 08-Apr-2010
Taric BloodstoneSkin
Bloodstone Taric View in 3D
RP icon 975 / 09-Aug-2011
Taric PoolPartySkin
Pool Party Taric View in 3D
RP icon 1350 / 13-Jul-2016
Taric TaricLuminshieldSkin
Taric Luminshield View in 3D
RP icon 1350 / 19-Mar-2020
Pool Party Taric Chromas
Taric Luminshield Chromas

Legacy Vault

Taric EmeraldSkin
Emerald Taric View in 3D
RP icon 520 / 20-Nov-2009



Champion Series Name Type Description
Taric OriginalCircle Taric1Dazzling DisablesWRDMultiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with Dazzle (E)
Taric OriginalCircle Taric1Radiant PresenceGUITakedowns against enemy champions within 5 seconds by allies that were affected by Cosmic Radiance (R)
Taric OriginalCircle Taric1The TouchPRTTotal healing done with Starlight's Touch (Q)


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