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Hmm, one could argue that at least not wearing a shirt is more hygienical for a guy intended to be bound into shackles in a standing position for the rest of his life(?). You know, easy shower with a bucket of water from time to time, no rotting wet clothes on you..

The confusing part then is.. given this hygiene and some other regular everyday activities.. why is he even wearing pants? Permanently bound to shackles.. in a standing position.. cough.. Maybe he's some distant relative to the Kim-Jong family, duh.

Dunno but after considering all these probable issues, is he really that objectfied? Oo

I guess that the only logical conclusion is that this kind of imprisonment was just a very temporary stuff before being sentenced? In such case he got used to the petricite stuff real fast (one'd expect an organism to adapt to detrimental environment only after years, possibly decades of contact, but whatever..).

The other natural consequence should then be, that given the hypothetical temporary form of his imprisonment, the petricite rack wasn't built especially for him. In such case the mechanism could be sort of generic, intended to tame any magic-wielder before being brought before the court. Then of course the incapability of it to restrain Sylas OriginalSquare Sylas, would not be that surprising.

The contradicting part is that a mechanism supposed to be reused for multiple prisoners usually has locks, and means to get a prisoner out. If he wasn't literally forged into his chains.. why the heck is he still wearing'em? Just cuz it's cool?

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