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Actually preferred some of the old abilities beter--[[User:SkyFlicker|SkyFlicker]] 23:16, December 25, 2009 (UTC)
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To ensure Wiki remains factual and effective, any discussion or talk around build usage should be limited to a Talk page. I've hereby added a summed-up analysis from various bits of the Build/Skill usage to give a non-biased, effective analysis of both AP and AD builds. This should hopefully remove any argumentation slipping into the Strategy page.
* {{ci|Poppy}} has the ability to perform two kind of roles deriving from what items she takes. The solid ability power scaling and the fact all of her abilities deal magic damage makes her viable for getting ability power items, while the mobility and durability given by her abilities also make her viable for getting attack damage items. In the end, '''it is up to the players discretion''' what works best, and results vary from game to game (and even maps).
** Like all champions, {{ci|Poppy}} has weaknesses that are usually counteracted with her build choice, and the effectiveness of the build is therefor largely dependent on the situations in a game. Overall, her weaknesses are described as quite reliant on cooldown reduction, a great lack of mobility without her abilities, an overall weakness to successful kiting techniques, and lack of any sustainability. Other minor weaknesses such as a sub-par stat gain or lack of AoE abilities are not commonly seen as factors for her build usage.
*** Ability power builds try to cope with her weaknesses by playing in bursts, and adapts the role of an ability power assassin - if playing with this build, Poppy can play more passively unless there's a window of opportunity given by either lack of positioning by the enemy team or good initiation in the allied team. Ability power items give more options to invest in cooldown reduction, mana sustainability and burst power.
**** When choosing to invest in an ability power assassin build, you will still have to cope with a lack of mobility outside of your abilities and health sustainability. This playstyle primarily focuses on punishing your enemies from minor mistakes and abusing a window of opportunity to the fullest. It is a very opportunistic playstyle that generally requires better timing and team initiation & communication.
*** Attack damage builds try to cope with her weaknesses by augmenting the durability and mobility of her abilities and therefor be able to stick to her targets for longer time - if playing with this build, there's less penalty for a unsuccessful duel, skirmish or gank, and the passive and armor bonus can make Poppy a deceptively tanky character. Along with her ultimate, it gives Poppy the ability to do a successful initiation.
**** When choosing to invest in an attack damage build, Poppy plays as a bruiser initiator. Stats such as cooldown reduction and mana regeneration are harder to find in attack damage builds, and some stats such as attack speed or armor penetration are sub-optimal because Poppy's abilities derive no benefit from those stats. It is a build that doesn't have a high requirement in timing or even successful ability usage, as Poppy can still be effective with auto-attacks, and also allows her to initiate for the team.
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