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An Observation: Given that ability descriptions on the wiki should resemble the ingame tooltips - using terms as "bonus damage equal to XX% AD" on an ability that only applies one instance of damage per target per use (or pulse, respectively, for pulsing AoE abilities (e. g. Garen's Judgement)) is the cause for so much confusion regarding as to how they stack with critical strike damage. If possible always use the combination of both base and bonus damage or refer to the bonus damage as a multiplier. (Sithrap)
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Your first assumption is incorrect. The Wikia is not suppose to resemble the in-game tooltips, for the in-game tooltips are lacking at best on most champions. The Wikia is suppose to tell you what the abilities do, contrary to what they might say they do. Warwick's Infinite Duress never used to say that you gained lifesteal.
For all intensive purposes, "additional" and "bonus" mean the same thing and it's a matter of flavour. I think, strictly speaking,"Additional" should refer to when the damage splat is the same; "Bonus" when it is a separate damage splat. When refereing to statistics, rather than damage, "bonus" refers to anything beyond the base. "Modifier" refers to things where the given damage is modified, neither bonus or additional. Nidalee's Javelin Toss has a damage modifier. While you could say "Does additional damage for every unit of distance traveled", again, it's about flavour. [[User:Emptylord|Emptylord]] ([[User talk:Emptylord|talk]]) 15:31, August 1, 2013 (UTC)
Admittetly, I've never seen any such directive but you cannot deny the deliberate layout and design resemblance of the wiki and the LoL client. (E. g. Green for ap scalings, orange for ad scalings or compare the champion main pages with their ability detail pages which still use the old ability templates. The new one is certainly an approximation to the client's design.) Certainly though, the ingame ability descriptions are oftentimes utterly lacking if not wrong. But if that isn't the case there is no need to derive away from the ingame model, e. g. one of the newest addtions Aatrox: Darkflight's descriptions was only supplemented with the dmg type and kock up duration leaving it completely intact. Yet the paradigms concerning proper dennotation are changing with the editors. And if some prototypes dont keep up to the current standards they get edited until everyone is satisfied.
I was not trying to get to any Crushing Blow, Tumble,... argument whether to denote the total or the bonus part. I just thought it to be stupid and redundant to state that modifiers modify each other. It creates more confusion then it helps to clarify. (Sithrap)

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