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Nerfing utility is probably the worst way to nerf a champion who is not in an overpowered state.

Yes, Lucian is quite strong, especially with this fancy new armor shred build, yes, he's seen way too often compared to other ADCs, that still does not justify nerfing him this way, since his strength does not lie in his relentlessness, if you will. From what I've seen, most people agree on Lucian being too good when it comes to smoothly curving his power throughout the entire game. At the same time, other ADCs have either severe weaknesses in early game which makes them suffer (looking at you, Shauna) and easy-to-snowball from or (though rarer) are outclassed when the game goes past half an hour mark.

I don't have a clue on what may possibly be changed about Lucian to boldlier define his strengths and weaknesses, but that certainly is not utility, espicially not mobility on an ADC. 

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