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I'd dare to oppose that just as Karma OriginalSquare, both Orianna OriginalSquare & Vel'Koz OriginalSquare do give a shit about their autos. Their situation looks similar to me, AAs aren't essential, yet all the mages can still benefit from them more than a generic champ.

I'd agree with the fact that Karma OriginalSquare Karma's autos seem to be the most synergic ones with her kit.

Also my personal feel about Karma OriginalSquare Karma is that she's strong. I find her to be very versatile, offering many paths to build both into dmg and/or control/utility. I find her Inspire shield to be still powerful even without being empowered by Mantra the ult (which, to be honest, is imo nuts in teamfights). The crucial nuance being that instead of flat dmg mitigation it also allows to indirectly mitigate inflicted dmg via that MS boost.

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