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attack speed per level is also considered bonus attack speed, as is the 8% attack speed he gets at level 1. His base attack speed is 0.679; Master Yi's attack speed bonus is 2% per level (plus 8% at level 1), which gives him 42% bonus attack speed at level 18 without items. This means, assuming those items and level 18, he'd have 187% bonus attack speed, and 0.679 + 187% = 1.94. Assuming your runes have Precision  this you actually have 196% bonus attack speed, and 0.679 + 196% = 2.00 AS (The game probably rounds a number down somewhere in here though, which is why you're getting 1.99; this is also assuming you don't have a Legend: Alacrity, which bumps the AS total to 2.03 (0.679 + 199% with the above setup you mentioned))

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