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Miss Fortune OriginalSquare Miss Fortune and the Syrens

There's no mistaking the Syren. Her broad pearly sails and polished woodwork leave her as sleek and decorated as the captain at her helm.
The Syren

One of the youngest pirate crews in Bilgewater Crest icon Bilgewater, Love Tap HD Syrens were established by Miss Fortune OriginalSquare Miss Fortune. After the Burning Tides the power balance in Bilgewater has shifted with the crew of the Syren now being at the forefront of the cities politics. The crew was instrumental in defending the city from the Shadow Isles Crest icon Shadow Isles harrowing.


Champions of the Syrens

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Powder Monkeys

Powder Monkeys are simian creatures that originate from a Monkey Idol currently located on the Serpent Isles. The are small of stature with fur that has a gunpowder color and glowing yellow eyes. They often live gather around people or areas where there is a heavy use of gunpowder, hence their names. They are mischievous, but can prove useful in enhancing gunpowder related weapons with unknown magical powers.



Notable Syrens
Captain Miss Fortune CaptainFortuneCircle Sarah Fortune Captain and Leader of the The Syren.
First Mate Rafen Member of The Syren. First Mate for the ship.
Unnamed Quartermaster Member of The Syren. Quartermaster for the ship. Saved from a Sea Witch during the events of Double-Double Cross.
Unnamed Cutthroat Members of The Syren. Tasked at eliminating targets stealthily.
Unnamed Powder Monkeys Members of The Syren. Magical simians from a Monkey Idol that enhance the ships firepower.
Unnamed Corsair Members of The Syren. A Yordle corsair of the ship.


Runeterra Adventure Bilgewater

Runeterra Adventure Bilgewater

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