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  • Her ability is based on her League of Legends ability Dark Sphere Dark Sphere and was renamed to Dark Sphere Hydro Sphere to better suit her Ocean TFT icon Ocean element.
  • Syndra appears as Syndra AtlanteanCircle Atlantean Syndra instead of Syndra OriginalCircle Original Syndra due to the skin being best suited for the Ocean TFT icon Ocean element in her kit.
  • The cast position will be calculated from the time she cast, so it can still be missed if during casting, her target moves away too fast.


On Purchase
    "Let them try to stop me."
On Rank Up
    "I will not be restrained."
End of Round
    "More! I can be so much more!"

Patch History

  • Maximum mana reduced to 65 from 80.
  • Ability damage increased to 175 / 350 / 600 from 175 / 350 / 525.
V9.22 - Added
  • Syndra AtlanteanCircle Atlantean Syndra
    • Tier 2 Ocean TFT icon Ocean Mage TFT icon Mage.
    • Dark Sphere Active - Hydro Sphere: Conjures a sphere of water which explodes near a random enemy, dealing 175 / 350 / 525 magic damage to all enemies hit.
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