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Syndra The Dreaming Pool
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Syndra Syndra is a fearsome Ionia Crest icon Ionian mage with incredible power at her command. As a child, she disturbed the village elders with her reckless and wild magic. She was sent away to be taught greater control, but eventually discovered her supposed mentor was restraining her abilities. Forming her feelings of betrayal and hurt into dark spheres of energy, Syndra has sworn to destroy all who would try to control her.

SyndraSquare"My potential is limitless. I will not be restrained."  Syndra
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Early life[]

Syndra was born in Navori, Ionia, within a small village. She possessed a distracted nature, causing her parents to frequently punish her. Each time she was punished, Syndra sought solace in her secret hideout - the Spectral Willow. There, she confided her sorrows to the tree in cries and whispers, finding refuge in its roots.

However, one fateful day, Syndra's brother, Evard, and his friends discovered her hideout and began taunting her. Despite her efforts to disregard them, one of Evard's friends threw mud at her, drawing blood and igniting a fierce rage within the young, tormented girl. Three luminous orbs materialized around Syndra, causing the willow tree to wither and Evard and his friends to flee. Syndra's village, reliant on the willow tree for its magical essence, blamed Syndra's family for its demise, resulting in their eventual exile.


Following their exile from Navori, Syndra and her family traversed Ionia for days until reaching Fae'lor, a renowned magic school of Syndra's time specializing in the taming of wild magic. Faced with limited alternatives, Syndra's parents made the decision for her to remain at the school to refine her magic.

Initially content in her pursuit of magical knowledge, Syndra eventually grew frustrated as she sensed a waning in her abilities over time. She confronted Konigen, her teacher, who then revealed that Syndra's extraordinary magical prowess had compelled him to seal her powers. Shocked by this revelation, Syndra reproached her teacher for this betrayal. Her rage overwhelmed her once more, causing her to unleash a sphere of energy at her teacher, killing him.

Consumed by immense pain and loneliness, Syndra ascended into the sky, summoning three orbs of energy that sapped the spiritual essence of Fae'lor. She unleashed devastation upon the entire island, indiscriminately eliminating anyone in her path. This prompted the intervention of the Spirit of Ionia.

The spirit created a rift in the earth, restraining Syndra with thick vines and pulling her into the crevice. Instead of killing her, however, the spirit submerged Syndra in a mystical pond, casting her into a magic slumber where she would remain for a hundred years,

Elevating Faelor's temple[]



Syndra is a slender woman with fair skin, back-length silvery-white hair, and bright violet eyes.

She wears black purple Ionian armor that reveals her shoulders and legs, black knee socks, and a two-pronged helmet.


As a child Syndra was a very withdrawn girl due to the constant abuse of her family, over time that sadness turned into rage and she just wanted to be left alone.

As an adult, Syndra developed a spiteful and explosive personality because when she didn't like something she caused a magical explosion that destroyed everything, she also had a deep grudge against the Ionians for all the damage they did to her as a child.


  • Magical: Syndra was born possessing powerful innate magical abilities that have the potential to strengthen as she hones her skills and deepens her understanding of magic.
    • Dark Energy Manipulation: Syndra possesses an uncommon form of magic. Unlike traditional magic affinities tied to elements like light, earth, or electricity, her magic stems and draws power from raw, concentrated emotions. This magic's immense power led Konigen to attempt to suppress it rather than allow Syndra to learn how to control it. Her negativity coalesces into spheres of pure darkness capable of unleashing massive waves of destruction and consuming everything in its path.
      • Telekinesis: Syndra can harness her dark energy to elevate objects, beings, and structures, manipulating them according to her will. Floating effortlessly instead of walking, she can also fly with ease. Notably, she exhibited immense power by lifting the entire temple of Fae'lor and suspending it in the sky through sheer force of will.
      • Spiritual Leeching: Syndra's dark energy strips away the natural spiritual energies of her surroundings, depleting the environment of its spiritual essence. This depletion of spirit magic affects Ionia Crest icon Ionia's landscapes, crucial for their vitality, thus leaving them barren and devoid of life.


Ionia Crest icon Ionians[]

Due to her abusive upbringing and being imprisoned for decades in Fae'lor of Ionia, she has grown hateful against all Ionians to an extent that she even approves of Noxian presence. However, she has no prior knowledge of Noxus before the events of her release.

Noxus Crest icon Noxians[]

Although she seems to thank the Noxians for standing against the people who locked her, she also has little care for them, killing all of the invaders on the fortress and destroying a Noxian warship with a mere glance of her eyes.

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Syndra, The Dark Sovereign Syndra, The Dark Sovereign

  • Syndra's parents were not magical, but she doesn't know too much of her family history.
  • She's essentially attuned to the flows of magic - she can manifest force just by willing it, and she condenses spheres of raw magic from the air. She doesn't fully understand her talents, and up until now, she hasn't cared about their source. If she wants to realize her full potential, she'll have to understand herself.[2]
  • Syndra leaches the magic in the environment, ripping out the essence and causing it to fade away.  It can likely be attributed to her washing away the natural magics with her own raw spirit magic.
    • The ghost-willow in her lore did not have its magic stolen by Syndra.
      • Syndra's magic is attuned to her emotional state, when intensely negative it became very destructive. 
  • Based on her lore, she was around her early 20s when she was put in The Dreaming Pool.  Centuries have passed since her sealing (as the Fortress itself has stood for centuries and was built around the temple after it was destroyed.)
  • Her headpiece is Ionian in nature, but unlike the crests that other Ionian characters keep behind them, Syndra placed hers front and center, emblematic of her rejection of restraint.
    • It is unclear if this remains relevant in her new lore.
  • The word "sovereign" in Syndra's title has a number of meanings. Her story is about asserting control over things that were held from her—her own fate, her magical ability, and her current home and fortress. Sovereign also implies a degree of supremacy, which she believes she has due of her power and her position in the world, literally and symbolically.[3]
Original Syndra Original Syndra
  • Though their paths have been different, Zed Zed and Syndra have similar goals. Both believe the 'balance' that has maintained Ionia for so long must crumble for Ionia's people to come into their own and realize their full potential. Syndra might take interest in Zed's power, and given the right circumstances, an alliance between the two could "tip the scales" in Ionia all the more.
  • Due to working for the Ionian Elders, Irelia Irelia is Syndra's rival.
    • Being an Elder herself, Karma Karma is considered a rival as well.
  • Syndra sympathizes with Xerath Xerath and is intrigued by the power he's obtained, but Xerath would possibly be more interested in her. All of his power is arcane, researched and developed, while Syndra is more instinctive, her approach may succeed at unbinding him where his has failed.
  • She is intrigued by Annie Annie and how a child obtained such powers.
  • Syndra probably thinks Veigar Veigar is kind of laughable. If she got past the cutesy yordle exterior, she might see him as a worthy mage.

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Syndra is a fearsome dark mage with incredible power at her command. As a child of Ionia, she disturbed the village elders with her prodigious but reckless use of magic. They sent her away to be trained under strict supervision, but she quickly surpassed her mentor and discovered he was restraining her powers. Betrayed and disgusted by such cowardice, Syndra eliminated her teacher and struck out to destroy all who would try to limit her potential, dark spheres in hand.


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