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Syndra OriginalCentered
Base Statistics Edit
Health 523 +90 Attack damage 53.872 +2.9
Health regen. 6.5 +0.6 Attack speed [*] 0.625 (+ 2%)
Armor 24.712 +3.4 Crit. damage 200%
Magic resist. 30 +0.5 Range 550
Mana 480 +40 Range type Ranged
Mana regen. 8 +0.8 Move. speed 330
Mage icon Syndra
the Dark Sovereign [1]
Price:BE icon 4800 / RP icon 880
Secondary Bar:Mana resource Mana
Release Date:2012-09-13 Last Changed:V9.22
Champion style basic attacks inactiveChampion style 100Champion style abilities active
Champion difficulty 2
  1. Syndra's profile page at LeagueOfLegends.com

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