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  • Sylas is one of 11 champions that have an ability that infinitely stacks an effect: Bard BardCho'Gath Cho'GathKindred KindredNasus NasusSenna SennaShyvana ShyvanaSion SionSwain SwainSylas SylasThresh Thresh, and Veigar Veigar.
  • Sylas's name comes from Greek Σ(εε)ιλᾶς S(ee)ilas < Aramaic שְׁאִילָא Šeʔila, literally meaning "the asked-for [son]" (cf. Hebrew Šaʔul), passive participle of Semitic root-verb š-ʔ-l "ask",[1][2] shared with Zilean Zilean.
    • His name is probably based on the Christian martyr Silas , who, according to the book of Acts , was locked up and chained alongside Saint Paul. After an sudden earthquake his chains broke and the prison door opened, according to the story. Silas is usually pictured with broken chains in religious imagery depicting him.
  • Sylas is the first champion to have an animation when he cancels his Recall Recall.[3]
  • Sylas was the first champion released in 2019.



  • Sylas has no last name due to his family being on the lower end of the social spectrum.[24] To be differentiated among others with the same name, they often refer to his name and his place of birth (Sylas of Dregbourne).
  • Sylas was previously part of the Mageseekers, a branch of the Demacian military that arrested magic users, but was arrested himself after killing three people when he accidentally stole a young mage's magic.
    • The victims were his mentor, another mageseeker, and the young girl, who was teeming with lightning magic.
    • Sylas was always torn between his desire to be a "true" Demacian and his shame for identifying his fellow mages while in service to the Mageseekers.[25]
  • Sylas is around his early 30s.[26]
  • Despite hating current Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia, he has no love for Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus as well.
  • Narratively, Sylas does not transform when stealing stealing another user's magic, it is done mainly for gameplay clarity.[27]
  • He can syphon magic off the original user and use it for a time but the victim will recover and his stolen magic will deplete.[28]
  • His biography originally stated that his execution was to be hung by the neck, but was changed to a beheading after Lux: Issue 3.
  • Sylas's shackles were originally built by Durand, who also designed Galio Galio, to restrain powerful demons like Tahm Kench Tahm Kench and Evelynn Evelynn. They were never intended for a human and using them on a mage like Sylas is overkill. That's why they are so big and caused him to suffer so much, but also what makes them a fearsome weapon in his hands.[29]
    • They are made of Petricite, Demacian Steel and gold.[30]
  • The scar on his abdomen is the result of an operation trying to remove his "magic" organ. (There was a short-lived theory that mages had a magic organ somewhere below the liver.) [31]
  • Sylas dresses like a prisoner due to being previously incarcerated but continues to do so in order to appeal to the downtrodden masses.[32]
    • Sylas' chains are a symbol of the oppressed.[33]
  • On his right arm is the brand that Mageseekers burn into the skin of mages. The other pulsing lines on his arms are intended to be magic pulsing through his veins out into the manacles as they constantly drain his natural magic.[34]
  • Sylas is has anarcho-collectivist political views.[35]
    • Like a lot of revolutionaries, he's better at tearing down and has not thought much in the way of practical policy, what a non-hierarchical system would look like on a large scale.[36]
  • After starting the revolution in Demacia, he is now seeking the ancient Freljordian magic (presumably that of old gods like Anivia Anivia and Ornn Ornn) and is developing alliance with the Winter's Claw to help with his cause.



Original Sylas Original Sylas
  • Lux Lux can be seen in the background of his splash art.
    • This splash art is not canon, since Sylas Sylas is seen escaping a prison cell instead of his public execution.
    • His splash art pose was inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist manga panel art.
Lunar Wraith Sylas Lunar Wraith Sylas
Chromaskins.png Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby
Freljord Sylas Freljord Sylas
Chromaskins.png Chromas: Amethyst, Pearl, Ruby, Turquoise
Chromaskins.png Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Citrine, Pearl, Peridot, Reckoning, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise
PROJECT: Sylas Prestige Edition PROJECT: Sylas Prestige Edition


  • Sylas formed a bond with Lux Lux while he was imprisoned. In exchange for information of the outside world, he would teach her to control her magic due to magic being outlawed in Demacia. He later manipulated her and used her power to escape.
  • After escaping his execution, Sylas and his followers fought Garen Garen and almost executed Jarvan IV Jarvan IV before fleeing.
    • He had intended to execute Jarvan III, but then found out that the king was already mysteriously dead in the chamber he and his guard retinue had retreated to.
  • He later forms an alliance with the Winter's Claw who later helps him attack Demacia.
  • He encounters Galio Galio who comes to aid Lux, Garen, and other Demacian soldiers during this attack.
    • Lux got Durand's original texts, which include Galio's design specs, for Sylas to read. On the mention of the colossus, she states that she "knows" him as if speaking of a person and not as a statue. (She had befriended him when she was 13.)[37] Sylas clearly found her wording odd but occupied with the texts, did not question her about it, apparently not realizing that Durand's wording on Galio meant that absorbing magic allows him to move on his own.
  • Sylas Sylas knows certain truths about the winged winged sisters sisters and calls out their power during the events of Lux comics.