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{{Champion header|Swain}}
{{champion info|name = Jericho Swain}}
{{Champion tabview}}
'''Swain, the Master Tactician''' is a [[champion]] in [[League of Legends]].<ref>[http://www.leagueoflegends.com/champions/50/swain_the_master_tactician Swain's profile page] at [[Leagueoflegends.com]]</ref>
|name = Carrion Renewal
|icon = CarrionRenewal.jpg
|description = Whenever Swain kills an enemy unit, he restores 9{{plus}}(1{{times}}level) mana.
|name = Decrepify
|icon = Decrepify.jpg
[[Category:Champion with infinite effect-stacking ability]]</noinclude>
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} Swain sends his raven to cripple an enemy, creating a tether between the enemy and the raven, which stays in the position Swain was upon cast. Over the next 3 seconds, the target takes damage each second and is slowed. If enemies walk out of the tether, the effect ends immediately.
[[Category:Champion with infinite stat stacking]]
|leveling ={{lc|Magic Damage Per Second}} {{ap|25|40|55|70|85}} {{ability scaling|(+30 % AP)}}
{{lc|Maximum Magic Damage}} {{ap|75|120|165|210|255}} {{ability scaling|(+ 90% AP)}}
{{lc|Maximum Magic Damage Against Rank 5 Torment Debuffed Target}} {{ap|90|144|198|252|306}} {{ability scaling|(+ 108% AP)}}
{{lc|Slow}} {{ap|20%|25%|30%|35%|40%}}
{{lc|Leash range}} 900 (estimate)
|name = Nevermove
|icon = Nevermove.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} Swain marks a target area. After a short delay, mighty talons grab hold of enemy units, dealing damage and rooting them for 2 seconds.
|leveling ={{lc|Magic Damage}} {{ap|80|120|160|200|240}} {{ability scaling|(+ 70% AP)}}
{{lc|Maximum Magic Damage Against Rank 5 Torment Debuffed Target}} {{ap|96|144|192|240|288}} {{ability scaling|(+ 84% AP)}}
{{lc|Diameter}} 250 - 275 (estimate)
|name = Torment
|icon = Torment.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} Swain afflicts his target with debilitating pain dealing damage to them over 4 seconds, and causing any further damage dealt by Swain during this period to be increased by a percentage. This includes summoner spells and items used by Swain.
|leveling ={{lc|Magic Damage}} {{ap|75|115|155|195|235}} {{ability scaling|(+ 80% AP)}}
{{lc|Extra Magic Damage}} {{ap|8%|11%|14%|17%|20%}}
{{lc|Total Magic Damage including Extra Damage}} {{ap|81|128|177|228|282}} {{ability scaling|(+ {{ap|86.4%|88.8%|91.2%|93.6%|96% AP)}}}}
|name = Ravenous Flock
|icon = RavenousFlock.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Toggle:}} Swain transforms into the form of a raven, during this time up to 3 lesser ravens strike out at nearby enemies each second, one raven per enemy and prioritizing champions. Swain is healed for 75% the damage dealt to champions and by 25% of the damage dealt to minions and monsters. The cost to sustain Ravenous Flock increases every second.
|leveling ={{lc|Magic Damage}} {{ap|50|70|90}} {{ability scaling|(+ 20% AP)}}
{{lc|Magic Damage Against Rank 5 Torment Debuffed Target}} {{ap|60|85|108}} {{ability scaling|(+ 24% AP)}}
{{lc|additional mana each second}} {{ap|5|6|7}}
{{lc|Cumulative 5(10) Second Cost}} {{ap|175(475)|195(565)|215(655)}}
|costtype=Mana per second
|range=700 (estimate)
[[Category:2010 release]]
[[Category:Season One release]]
[[Category:Season One release]]
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[[Category:Root champion]]
[[Category:Self Heal champion]]
[[Category:Slow champion]]
[[Category:Bottom champion]]

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Swain OriginalCentered
Swain OriginalSquare
the Noxian Grand General
Mage icon Battlemage
Secondary attributes:
Mana resource Mana | Ranged role Ranged | Rune shard Adaptive Force magic
BE icon 4800 | RP icon 880
Release Date:
2010-10-05 [1]
Last Changed:
  1. Swain's profile page at LeagueOfLegends.com
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